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1st of Advent

As all of you Swedish people know, today is the first of advent, and I’ve of course lit the first candle! Tonight we’ll also have some people over for ‘glögg’ the swedish version of mulled wine/vin chaud/glühwein. The swedish version has some different spices in it and then some kind of stronger alcohol, like schnapps, vodka, cognac. There will also be the gingerbread biscuits I bought at Ikea. After work today I also started baking my own birthday cake for tomorrow, banoffee pie! Thank you Kate for introducing me to this amazing pie! It usually tastes better the next day when all the banana flavor has been soaked up and it’s a bit more toffee-like.

Busy bee

Got lots to do this week, hence no updates!
I've started a new job and got a big assignment for my marketing class due on Sunday. But we've had some fun as well, been to Loop bar, dinner at the Petit Sav, VIP ski in Val, and today Saloon Bar opens, so we'll probably go check that out as well.

This weekend is the opening of the whole resort! So finally some more slopes to ski on. Next day off I'm sorting my liftpass out and a new pass for the lagoon: swimming, gym and wellness =)
Time to get really fit!

This week

So, I've settled back in a bit more now, emptied my bag, that I'm still surprised got checked in without so much as a raised eyebrow. It had julmust, glögg, a gingerbread house, gingerbreads, candy, my ski tool box, 1kg fiber oats, 1kg rye flakes and much more in it. =) 1-0 Linda vs. flight companies.
So this week has been quite calm, but a lot has happened as well, I've started my marketing course, for real and along with German gives me quite a bit to do, I've also got a new job for the winter, which I start on Monday, I've been to Ikea, getting more "Scandi-supplies" such as Christmas beer, gingerbread cookies, juleskum (!) glögg, Christmas ham and meatballs! and I've been down to Bourg to do a big food shop as we were running really low, like eating tuna out of a can low....
Yesterday I started decorating a bit for Christmas, or rather getting my decorations ready to be decorated with, this is how my own advent chandelier turned out, small p…

Back in France

Got back to France late last night and now just trying to sort stuff out. Hopefully I'll be back on the hill again soon as well!

Early birthday

Since I won't be home for my actual birthday and celebrate it with my twin brother it was decided we would celebrate before I leave on Monday. So yesterday it was early birthday and early father's day celebrations in our house. (Father's day is today in Sweden) and I got to have my usual b-day cake; meringue with rice crispies, buttercream, whipped cream and raspberries. Yum! So all in all 11 people in my family, including me, was here yesterday, it was great and of course I got lots of help from my nieces opening my gifts =) Lots of skiing and christmas stuff that I wanted, thanks everyone!

I'm going back home to France tomorrow and have to say I've had a great stay in Sweden this time, getting to see all of my brothers and sisters, their families and my parents and grandparents and then a few of my friends and of course also having Ross meeting most of them.

Today is a quiet day and I've just had some leftover cake whilst watching the men's slalom from Lev…

Just bought a pink(!) jacket

Today I went to see my brother and his family in the afternoon which was nice and then later went to a golf/ski shop to look at some things and they had 50% off of some jackets. So I found a softshell jacket that was really nice, but very pink. And as I’m sure you’re aware I don't usually go for pink but this jacket was just the right shade. Of course the color isn’t really called pink either, but raspberry.I do realize as I read this when I published the post the first time that I do wear a pink jacket in my banner for my blog as well ;)
What do you think?

First snow (again)

So today is the first day that we’ve had proper snow, in Falköping that is, in Tignes the ground’s been white for quite some time. I have to say that they haven’t even cleared our street yet so today’s event include watching the mail man get stuck with his bicycle, leaving it standing up, supported by the snow, in the middle of the street and then walking around handing out the post instead and watching a car get stuck as well, luckily most people here have a small snow shovel in the trunk of their cars. Then you also have to know how to drive in snow of course. This is the view out of one of our windows. Notice how its starting to get dark already as well. Hmm, according to the newspaper the sun sets just before 16.00/4pm where I live.

More Christmas supplies

I found this when I was at the supermarket today and of course had to buy it so I’ll have one for Christmas.’s right, a gingerbread house building set. All walls and roofs, the chimney come in separate pieces that get glued together with melted sugar and then decorated with frosting and candy! I’m slowly but surely managing to get the important things I want for Christmas, such as glögg and gingerbread biscuits. I’m already looking forward to Swedish Christmas in Tignes on the 24th!

A pic of the whole bus

Thanks again Petter for uploading the pic =)

Visiting family

Of course this Sweden trip has been dedicated to seeing as much of my family and friends as possible and yesterday/today was no exception. My brother with his family have been here to see us. So I’ve mostly been building lego and playing hide and seek the past 48 hours. Also, got some birthday presents in advance  =) since I won’t be home on my actual birthday.

My pic is on a bus/car !?!

Just saw a photo of myself today on facebook, I'm apparently now on a bus/car up in Beitostølen. (Almost like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City ;) ) Thanks Petter for uploading the pic!


Monday we went down to Växjö and my sister's for lunch and then in the evening, Ross, my twin brother and I kept going to Torekov for tea with my grandparents. So intensive family time these last few days, especially since Ross left today (tuesday) and couldn't stay any longer with me here in Sweden.
The meeting with the family has gone really well so I'm really happy =)

Now I'm back in Falköping for some time and hopefully get to see some more family and friends while I'm back.