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Have finished my german course! yay! Very happy, have learnt a lot, but a bit too much set hours that you needed to study than I like. I like to be able to choose freely when I study. Good experience, we'll see if I take German 2 next fall!

My first attempt at homemade brown beans

So, since you can’t buy ready-made brown beans here in France I had to try the old school  method. When buying the beans I wasn’t quite sure I got the right ones as the beans are apparently called cranberry beans in English? Anyways, I though, not red, not black not white, this is my best option. Today I’ve consulted several people on the subject including my parents and my grand mother and ended up with this recipe:4dl of brown beans1 1/4 l of water1 tsp salt. Leave the beans over night in water (with some salt – missed this and just used more salt when I cooked them instead)Then, cook the beans until mushy, took about 2h at this altitude, you can probably expect a shorter time. Then add 2-3tbs of sugar or syrup, (I used brown, since there aren’t any syrup up here either. What I would call syrup in Sweden (not maple syrup) and 1tbs of vinegar. I used apple cider vinegar since I didn’t have anything else. Then if you want use potato flower or, like me a mix of normal white flour and w…

I’m so lucky

After a discussion (British and Swedish tradition) about what goes on the top of the Christmas tree, my boyfriend came home yesterday with a surprise, a Christmas star for the tree, (note that he argued for the angel). I’m so happy, and he sorted out the blinking lights as well, so now it’s shining all the time and I have a top star =) He’s my hero!


Really windy today, was supposed to do some training but it got cancelled because of the wind, horizontal gates aren't exactly what you want, the light was really flat as well which was a bit scary when you're coming down Trolles (black run) and need to straight line it to get enough speed to get back up to the square in Lac....
Anyways, hoping for better weather tomorrow and some training during my 4h lunch break =)
Today's training meant going to the gym instead, and have to say it feels better after every time. Getting stronger? Yes!

Lots and lots of meatballs

Made meatballs yesterday, all according to dad's recipe. I think all Swedish family's have their own meatball recipe and that's the way it should be. Got Ross to help me out with frying them while I rolled them into little round balls. I had to try one for taste and seasoning and of course they tasted great, as always, and now I can't wait for Christmas when I get to have as many as I want!

More photos of me popping up online

Just got a wall post from a friend in Beitostölen, apparently my photo is now on the ski rental shop's page as well. Maybe I should switch career and become a model ;)

here's the link to Beitostölen Skiutleie where the photos are coming from.

Christmas tree

Went down to Bourg with Biggles this afternoon to get some more Christmas essentials, especially a tree. Managed to find a nice small one together with some lights and decorations to hang in it. Also got brown beans (?) hope I got the right kind, sausages, candy for the gingerbread house and minced meat for my meatballs. Coming home I realized my lights in the tree are blinking, not acceptable and I’m hoping my boyfriend, who is also an electrician might be able to help me out with this, couldn’t tell him about the precise problem though as the tree is a surprise… As we’re speaking, ingredients for my dad’s meatballs is being prepared! Christmas is almost here! and it is as you’d say in Norwegian, “kos” “koselig” meaning cozy, nice, (atmosphere) enjoying oneself etc…

Ski test

Wednesday night and Thursday was spent with the girls, and a few guys, of the Rossignol women team. We discussed skis and had a nice tartiflette and so on Wednesday night.
Thursday we started off with breakfast in the morning followed by ski testing. It was great fun to see and try different skis, some of which I doubt I would've ever tried otherwise. Some of the skis were amazing as well!
We also had a photographer with us and hopefully he got some good shots of all of us. The weather was better than the start of the week and maybe not quite as cold but still between -15 and -20, plus the wind chill, but we did get a bit of sun, which was nice.
All of us then had lunch together and afterwards I went up and out again for a few more photos.
So all in all I really had a great day and we had so much fun together. Hopefully there'll be more days like that during the winter!
Check out Rossignol here!


So today is 'Santa Lucia day' or St. Lucy's day as I think it is translated to in English, here's a link to Wikipedia for all of you who wish to read a bit more about this Swedish celebration. I had my alarm set for 7.00 so that I could watch the celebration live on web tv, but it wouldn't work in the morning, so a bit upset, but of course I managed to watch it in the afternoon since I finish work at lunch on Mondays.. I've been studying all afternoon and this is what I'm going to reward myself with after coming home from the gym!


I passed my first marketing assignment =) yay!! *happy*

Skiing with Biggles

Day off today and too strong winds on the glacier to do training, so I went free skiing with Biggles instead. Got some good snow, and some bad snow; death cookies and ice. Freezing cold going back up to VC as I took Merles back to Grattalu,  but sunny and nice to have good skis, had a day prepping two days ago, new wax and sharper edges =)

First day skiing in Espace Killy area

Yesterday I went for my first Espace KIlly ski for the season. So I skied over to Val for lunch and then back to Tignes  for some studying before heading back to Val again. Notice on my self portrait how my head or maybe just my goggles look huge!! Didn’t see it until uploading the pics to my laptop. During the afternoon/evening/night I helped the boys clean and build IKEA furniture. My forte, I think they were a little bit impressed, or maybe relieved, that us Swedes do all know how to put together a Poäng chair or a Malm side table… I am quite tired today though I must say, long day at work and I wasn’t home til 2.40 last night.  But at least I did come home and didn’t end up sleeping on a floor in Val like some. This almost sounds like we’ve been out on some fun escapades, but no, it’s been work work work.