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Christmas and new boots

We've had a good Christmas here in Tignes, despite having to work all the official days of Christmas. We had Swedish Chrismas dinner on the 24th followed by Kalle Anka and then presents. On the 25th Ross got to open his! I got ski boots as a christmas gift from Ross so today was the day to go to the shop and the bootfitter. I ended up with a pair of Rossignol electra pro si 110.
After that it was time to do the footbed and the soles and then I've of course tried them out this afternoon. It really makes a huge difference getting new boots and getting them fitted. Ross is having a bit more problems with his which are really tight so we're going to see what we can do as his feet cramps every time he doesn't move (which is kind of a problem when you go on the ski lift) but that should get sorted soon!

We also got a Christmas present in the mail today from my parents which was very nice =) Now it's time to start finishing up my last assignments for this semester's u…


Went out skiing today as it was the first day in ages where we had something resembling a blue sky. I had my s7's out for the very first time and I think they're going to be really good for off piste later on. They're not great on piste, but as soon as you've got a bit more snow, they're floating!
I also had my camera with me as I have a photo assignment that I wanted to get started with and so I've actually got some decent photos of me and Ross going down to Brev through the forest.

Christmas tree

The christmas tree is now all decorated and right now I'm making both brown beans and meatballs for Saturday's christmas dinner =)

On the road...

We were down in Chambery today to change a car for Ross' work which was followed by Christmas shopping and finally getting my Christmas tree, I managed to get the last one in the size that is appropriate for the apartment =)

After that we just had the drive back up to Tignes left which turned out to be a bit scary. It's been snowing tons and tons lately and just as we were coming up a big block of what we first thought was snow fell down just in front of us on the road, we almost went on to it when we could see that the snow was indeed a huge rock that had just fallen. We managed to get past it on the side just to stop 20m further along where there was a big tree blocking the whole road! I guess in all we were lucky nothing actually hit us! Some guys with a chainsaw managed to clear a bit of the tree and it was pulled off with a rope behind a 4x4 and we all helped clear the rest of the big branches before we could all keep going.

We've now made it back up and I am most of …

Night time ski

Since we didn't get out during the day yesterday to ski because of the jour blanc /whiteout I got the idea to go out for some cross country in the evening. After locating all the material in the different caves and ski lockers as well as putting on the wax tape - by which I am really impressed btw -we headed out with the intention to go to lavachet and back. This was Ross' first time out with the boots and skis he got while we were in Sweden (unless you count him wearing them in a bit while sitting on the couch the other night ) We actually went on the road most of the time since it's snowed so much so everywhere else is at least 25cm deep - even on what is supposed to be the sidewalk and it was really nice to get out. We ended up stopping first for a drink in Loop and then one in Tc's so it was all good fun! I think most people were impressed by our new mode of transport!

Game of thrones tv series

Just found out the second series of the game of thrones tv show is scheduled for april 2012, seems like Ross will have to wait a little bit longer than me to find out how it all ends!

Tease - Cold Winds Are Rising

A game of thrones

I've finished the 4th book in the series of A game of thrones today (the song of fire and ice) and will now move on to the 5th and last one that's come out. I'll be reading it on my kindle (this will be the first book that I've actually bought for my kindle) It's going to be interesting to see how I feel about reading it on an e-reader and not as a proper book. Below is a pic of the first book!


I started the day by setting my alarm for 6.50, even though it is my day off, to be able to have time to start up my laptop and bring it back to bed to watch the Lucia celebration on Svt play. I miss celebrating Lucia, it was only a few years ago that I did it in New York and then very improvised with some friends in Annecy. I've also allowed myself a few gingerbread biscuits (only have 2 boxes) and some saffron buns (lussekatter) and I think glögg is going to be on tonight's menu.

I've also been out skiing for a bit, while you could actually still see where you were going, but now we're getting lots and lots more snow so can't really complain about that!

Working weekend

So we're now in the middle of my working weekend again. So far all is going well and resort is getting busier which also means more client in the shop and in the rental part. Last night we all went down to the Camp Trappeur (wilderness camp) in Tignes les boisses, where I used to work doing events for Evo2 my first season in Tignes. Yesterday we went down to learn about Oakley gear, in particular Oakley goggles and we also had fondue together afterwards in the yourts. It was fun and educative (learning is fun! =P )

After that we stopped shortly at the Marmot Arms for their opening night and they have done a great job turning the place into a bar! It is in le lac so will have to make more of an effort to go there this winter....

First day skiing in the Espace Killy

Went up the mountain for the first time since October today and got some skiing time in together with Ross. Later on we were joined by Megan and Katie as well. We definitely needed the snow that's been dumping since Sunday and the resort is starting to look good, unlike last week when it was still green!!  Hopefully the season will continue in the same way - really want to get some good skiing in this year, on and off piste.

More snow

It did stop snowing for a short while last night but the snow was coming down again today when I woke up =)

Finished course

I just found out I finished my digital images course as I've passed my final assignment with flying colors! Yay! The teacher from the course also asked permission to use my pics from the retouching/perfume ad assignment as examples which I agreed to, so it's nice to know that they are that good! One more course done this semester!

The snow has really started dumping down in Tignes now as well so less time studying and more time skiing is on the schedule!!

Start of the season

It's finally started snowing here in Tignes today and you can feel that the season has started now. Lots of Spanish people arriving here this weekend, we'll see how it goes this season! It's always an experience.... I was greeted by 6 Spanish in my own building by a communal HOLA! I just need to get my ski pass sorted now so I can go skiing on my days off and be properly prepared for the season and the snow dumps that will come!

Birthday celebrations

I'm finally 24 years old! It was my birthday on Tuesday and I had a great day! I got woken up with presents and breakfast in bed and this was followed by baking my birthday cake with some help from Megan, pancakes for lunch, a nice walk and then birthday dinner and drinks with friends at the Petit Sav and Saloon Bar. I also got singing phone calls from family and it was really nice to have the day off for the first time in years!


Just finished writing my exam (got acces at 16h00 and it's now 18h40. I technically do still have 20 minutes to keep writing but I don't think it'll get any better than this, so hopefully it'll be ok, I guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed!!

And I just found out I passed(with flying colors) my sports marketing exam that I wrote when I was in Sweden a few weeks ago! Happy!

Also decorated the house for Christmas and have made cornflakes cookies! It's only 1 month left until christmas =) Yay!

Photoshopping and other studying

Since it's now my weekend I've spent the day studying - meaning I've spent the day in Photoshop, illustrator and Indesign - and a tiny bit in word. I've sent off two assignments, so hopefully those should be ok. It was time to finish up the last assignment in my digital images course. I ended up choosing the below image with the lego castle as it let me be a bit more creative than the other one, or rather, I got a bit stuck on the other one and couldn't think of ways to make it better and add more images - which was a requirement for the assignment. Anyway, this is the final image - after some well needed advise from Ross, parents and Phil, whose ideas are always very good!
So this is the image (below) that didn't make the cut. Maybe if I leave it for bit I'll get some new ideas on how to continue working with it.

The second assignment was the first in my graphics design course that I started the other week. I had to recreate a company logo to fit whatever …

Started work

I started work on Monday this week and had a good day putting together near paires of new poles... The new shop is really nice and I'm looking forward to getting into work and the winter. I think it's going to be a good one! Now we're just waiting for the snow to arrive.

Today was spent mostly in Val with Ross building IKEA furniture for the flat that they've renovated, got a lot of stuff done so happy with what we did. Now I'm back home and studying a bit since Ross has left to take a friend to Geneva.


So the theme for the week is studies and I’ve so far sent in two assignments, hopefully I can get in a third one before tomorrow night, and I’ve also started working on two other ones. The good thing is that almost all of my assignments I enjoy, it’s mostly practical stuff – working in photoshop, illustrator and indesign. And it also helps getting quick feedback, two days after delivery – passed the assignment =) So going to do a bit of studying this mornign before it’s time to bake Megan a cake for a birthday , see Adam and Charlotte in the afternoon and then go out to the petit sav to celebrate Megan.

Finished assignment

As you can probably understand, I’m a few days late updating the blog, ever since we got back to Tignes I’ve been dealing with a  mountain of laundry, studies and general organizing of the apt as I’ve of course brought lots of stuff back from Sweden.. Anyway, since I also found out there’s no work for me this week so I’m starting next week instead I’ve been trying to get ahead with my studies a bit before I also start working full time. So, this is one part of the 5th assignment for my digital images course, the one I’ve told you about before (photoshopping me/or someone like an ad) I’ve taken all the photos that I’ve used myself and then edited them and put them together to make the final image.What do you think? I’ve added a link here to the ad that was my inspiration.


So the Thursday before we left Sweden Ross and I went to Göteborg (or Gothenburg if you like) and spent the day walking around the city and the harbor. We found Maritiman by the water, which is kind of a museum or a collection of different types of ships that you’re allowed on and in. I think this was probably Ross’ favorite part of the day. I also managed to find Condeco, a lunch restaurant/café that I’ve been to before and really like! After Gothenburg we drove down to Torekov, to at least save 3h of driving before Friday and the long drive back to Tignes.


Yesterday evening we watched HV71 beat Linköping at Kinnarps Arena in Jönköping. I haven't been to a hockey match in ages, not since I was in the states and went to see Craig, Brian and Jamie.
I cheered for HV71 as I did go to school in Jönköping for three years, so I was happy with the result. I think Ross really enjoyed the game as well, once I'd explained some of the rules (although I couldn't remember all of the tackles)

Busy schedule

We've got a busy schedule this week (just like last week) visiting all my brothers and sisters and seeing my friends. We've so far been to Torekov, Herrljunga, Skara, Sunne (the farthest north that Ross has ever been) and today we're driving to Växjö. We'll also be going to Jönköping tonight to watch a hockey game (ice hockey that is - the only proper kind of hockey! ) and in between all of this I also need to finish my final essay for my sports marketing course which is supposed to be about 10 pages. It's when you're on holiday that it's not a good idea to be studying more than full time!

Anyway, I'm basically making sure that Ross gets to see as much of Sweden before we go back to France this weekend. I even brought him to a cheese shop yesterday! Those of you who know him will also know that he doesn't like cheese and that I would have to double wrap and put stuff in a plastic container before it goes in the fridge! My town is famous for the shop…

My 3d model

Realised I never posted my 3d model of a cell phone here. But since it's now sent in for assessment I can post a pic from my work in Sketchup and the ad that I created afterwards in photoshop where I imported the model. Would you buy a Treephone?

Soon to come; my own "very retouched" perfume ad using tons of beauty retouching techniques used today, just need to finish the written report first and send it in first!


After Hintertux I drove to Münch to see my cousin Lisa for a day and a half while waiting for Ross to fly in from Scotland for our drive back to Sweden. We walked around for hours on the Sunday, all around Munich, we walked up the 306 steps up to the viewpoint in S:t Peter close to the Marienplatz, we went into the Frauenkirche and then we walked into the Englisher Garten (the English garden) where we stopped at a Biergarten and had some applejuice and a crêpe, (unlike all other Germans who had beer from around 11.00 on the Sunday!) and we finished the day with a movie, some cake from the next door bakery and then eating out. It was nice to get some other food than Austrian/German cuisine, even though the food in Hintertux was good, it’s also quite heavy! It was really great to go to Munich after my course to relax a bit and of course also to see my cousin again, since we haven’t seen each other in ages!


So I spent last week on a ski instructor course in Hintertux, Austria with the Danish ski school. I had a great time, the course was really good and the place we stayed, the Alpenbad Hohenhaus was really nice as well, especially the wellness area. Most of the week it was sunny, (already started the goggle tan) apart from one day when it dropped down about 20cm of snow and the goggles would freeze up every 3 minutes. In the end I had a theoretical and a technical exam, which I passed =) so the plan is to keep training this winter and get on the next course at the end of the season.


In Hintertux now, enjoying skiing and the instructing course. Internet is really bad, can't get on it with my laptop as too many people are using it and the signal is to weak, so on a cp in the conference now where I'm having trouble just sending an email, so all other updates on the week will have to take place in Sweden afterwards. Safe to say, my danish skills are picking up!

Leaving Tignes for about 3 weeks

Leaving Tignes tomorrow morning to go to Hintertux for an instructing course followed by almost 2 weeks in Sweden, we're driving there so on the way I'll stop off at my cousin Lisa's place in Munich, which is where Ross will fly in to and then we're going to keep going north until we reach Falköping, or maybe even further depending on who is available for visits! Looking forward to it and then when we get back I go straight into winter work!

Had a crazy day today, packing, cleaning, prepping skis, baking bread for Ross, online forum for my sports psych class and much more.. Hopefully I can get to bed reasonably early so I'm all good to drive tomorrow morning.


I've basically spent the past two days in photoshop, which is fun, frustrating, time consuming and more fun. So mostly fun. Like I mentioned earlier I'm retouching a photo like an ad and this was my inspiration.
Source I was looking around at perfume ads since that is what the written part of the assignment is on and realized as well that if I was going to get a decent photo of myself it had to be a close up, self-timer is definitely not my thing. It's too hard managing all the settings! Anyway, not quite ready to show my version yet but soon!
Also just trying to get stuff ready before I leave for Hintertux and there isn't enough hours in the day (especially when you get sucked into photoshop!) but I'm sure it'll all work out. Can't wait to go skiing!

More pics of the snow

Of course I had to take some more pics this morning as the weather’s cleared and it was sunny, but the snow was still there.We weren’t up that early today as we had a dinner out last night at the Petit Sav but we still had tons of snow to clear off the car before we could put it back in the parking, better to leave it inside now than outside in the cold and the snow.

It keeps coming down

The snow just keeps coming down..... I think this afternoon I'm getting all wrapped up in my winter jacket, warm boots, mittens and a hat and going out to enjoy it! Just need to finish some studying first, almost done creating my 3d modell of a cell phone and need some technical help now, so continuing with an essay about perfume ads and their use of sex in advertising - photos etc. Then I have to retouch a photo of myself using the same techniques used in ads! looking forward to it. Now I just need to take a good photo of myself, self-timer has never been my thing but since everyone's at work, think this has to be my solution. It's going to be hard as I need to use the same pose and expression as an existing ad! Does anyone have a suggestion of an ad that I can imitate? (note image can not be offensive or demeaning)


I guess hoping for snow did work! This is what I woke up to this morning… I do kind of want the snow to come after I leave for Austria though since it’ll take me 2h longer to drive there if the mountain pass isn’t open.


Had my first day skiing for this season today. The glacier was unbelievable, and not in a good way, but managed to get some runs in and it was good to be back on the skis again. I went up with Kev who had agreed to come with and look at my technique so that I’m not completely fresh going into my instructing course next sat in Hintertux. It was really good to get some tips and get try to get out of old habits, even if it is hard work! But we had a good day and I think the season 11/12 is going to be a good one. Hoping for lots of snow, we need it! For those of you that know Tignes you’ll see in the pics what I mean, and the fact that we after the Panoramic chairlift (first pic) had to walk across the rocks to get to Champagny lift (!) We spent the day doing runs on 3500 which turned out to be the better choice, when we came down the rest it was all ice with a thin layer of slush/melted ice on top… We were lucky with the weather though, it was nice in the morning and sunny, but in the a…


Went to the gym today with Megan and Katie which was great. I need to get on it once I can buy the season pass. No point now since I'm leaving in like a week for the instructing course in Austria and then Sweden. Plan is to go skiing tomorrow to get some time on snow before I leave, so winter is almost here =) Can't wait!

New template

Decided to try out the dynamic views template so that you, the reader, can actually choose how to read/see my blog. I'm undecided on what I think so far. I like it but I do miss my links to other blogs, my cloud with labels and other gadgets that you can use with normal templates. Maybe this will come later or it could be so that I've just not found how to do it yet! If anyone knows, then please comment!

Home made soup

I've started making my own soups recently, instead of buying the powder ones, which just seem a bit wrong and like they cannot possibly contain any nutrients whatsoever.

So yesterday I made "Köttfärssoppa" - can't figure out a better translation at the moment than the one google translate has given me - ground beef soup.
The recipe called for ground beef, grated carrot, crushed tomato, beef stock cube, water, cumin, cayenne pepper and I think that was it, so easy to make and so good, especially for me and Ross since we like spicy soups and it was easy to add a bit more cayenne pepper than the recipe called for..
Anyone got tips for some good soups that I can make? In breadmaking news, I've started making rolls instead of loaves and honestly they're so much better, I don't know how the same ingredients can taste so different.. Since we went shopping yesterday I also bought skimmed milk powder to use with water instead of proper milk, (the recipe actually c…