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I found this site the other day which I really like, Kreativ retusch which is a part of Moderskeppet, one of Sweden’s biggest sites for photos, photoshop and digital image editing. The post challenges for their visitors as well and this time the theme was “Out of bounds” I’ve decided to try to do as many of them as I can to improve my photoshop skills =)Here’s what I did for this challenge, needs some more work though to make it blend in better with the background, but you get the idea, and it is to improve, learn new techniques and get inspiration that is my goal!


So here’s a few photos since I’ve finally managed to find my phone-usb cord =). Photos from skiing with Biggles and also with Liz when she came to visit before heading over to Val tho.

Updating should be better from now on! I’ve now started a new semester and should soon start my graphic design course as well as the business administration.This week’s been ok, and I’ve even been out snowboarding as I now have a snowboard! Yes you heard right, a snowboard. I still don’t have my own boots though, which made itself into an issue when we went out the other day, having different sized feet made me able to twist my ankle in one the boots when trying to lean forward, so not good. The search for boots will go on, however, feel like I have a bit of time as the conditions on the slopes aren’t great for boarding, so it’ll be skiing from now until it dumps!


Still haven't managed to find the usb cord, so still no photos. But in other interesting news, just read this at, "earthquake in Falköping" Seems like there's been a lot going on in my small home town that has made national news lately. Apparently the magnitude of it was only between 2 and 2,5 which according to the Richter scale is a minor, generally not felt but recorded earthquake that rarely causes damage. Either way, we don't get a lot of earthquakes in Sweden which I guess is why this has made the news.

Been meaning to update for quite some time now

I've been meaning to update my blog for quite some time now and when I finally have some free time on my hands, guess what, the cord that will let me transfer pics from my phone is missing... hm. and my bluetooth does not want to work. So unfortunately no fun update today either. The search for the cord goes on....

Mysterious bird death

Appartently there's been a mysterious bird death in my hometown of Falköping. Several birds got hit by a lorry and died from internal injuries. It's now being investigated if something else also contributed to the event. It's also been linked to what happened in the US on New Year's Eve, which was though to be linked to fireworks.

It seems as this event is putting my hometown in the world news, here's a link to BBC's coverage
and to Svd's article.

It'll be interesting to see what conclusion they'll come to when they finish the investigations.

Finally Monday

It’s finally Monday and I’ve had the afternoon off and a whole day tomorrow to just go skiing =) This weekend was really long and work was hard and frustrating at times so it’s going to be really nice with some time off. Also Elisabeth is coming tomorrow! It’s going to be great to see her, it’s been a while. This afternoon I went out skiing with Biggles and actually got my racetigers out for the first time, have to admit I’ve been a bit scared of them, I haven’t skied proper GS in a long time and never with 1,80 skis… But turns out of course that I really like them, need to take the edges down a bit in the front and the back to make them bite a bit less, but otherwise they’re like a train on a rail, steady fast and won’t budge! Also managed to get this photo during the evening, been tempted a few times to set the camera up and get a photo of lac at night but never got around to it until now. Plans for this evening is to finish my essay on value based service brands which is due tomorr…

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Being in Tignes for New Year is always good because they always put on a show with a dj and fireworks. This year it was back in Le lac after havin been up in VC last year. Andy Favre, who I got to know last year when we were working for the same company, was playing before midnight and did a great job. Click on his name or here to see his website. Should’ve really brought my camera, or a better videocamera, but this is from my phone so even though the quality isn't great it gives you an idea of what went on. Enjoy!