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Can't even think of a title for this blogpost.. hm. Anyway, I've been really busy the past couple of weeks with work, extra work, studies and then my parents came to visit as well. So no time for blogging, and barely time for skiing, which isn't great.
Hopefully it'll be better soon.
Today Ross' sister with family have arrived and they're staying for a few days as well, which is going be nice. Hoping to be able to have some more time for some more fun posts later.
Maybe some pics from Ross' birthday which was Monday =) and I finally had my camera out to take some photos.

new graphic design assignment

So, on to the second assignment then, creating logos and then businesscards for two different professions. I chose locksmith and florist. This was a really fun assignment and I have to say, I'm starting to learn illustrator and understand how it can be good to work with, even though I still prefer photoshop...
These are the results!

New projects

So, been thinking for some time about setting up my new website and think it's finally going to happen soon, it'll be a site for my photos, photoshop work, design work and other stuff with the hope of being able to do this on the side =) Anyways, will keep you posted on what happens and until then, if anyone has ideas with regards to name, design of webpage etc, please post tips in the comment section!

Graphic design

So I've now finished the first weeks' exercises and assignment for my graphic design course that I'm taking this semester. So first off I needed to create a table with a flower on it, which is harder than it looks, illustrator is definitely a challenge. And then the assignment was to create a self portrait based on a photograph and using the same three tools that we used in the exercise. It also had to have a word in it and I chose hopeful "hoppfull"
Here's the results!

Allergic shock

Had quite a scare yesterday after having ordered food in and it turned out having nuts in it. So I unknowingly had a bite and started feeling the itching. Not going to go into gross details about my other symptoms but basically pretty bad and I still feel crap. Never had a reaction that bad before....Had to call in sick for work today which wasn't great as it is Saturday and the busiest day of the week but there was no way that I could've gone in. Instead was convinced I had to go to the doctor, no one ever likes going to the doctor do they, so the answer to the question "do you want yo go?" is always going to be no, "should you go?" - yes. Anyway, I had some cortisone tablets the night before and it kept me ok until this morning when the second reaction came and then after going to the doctor and getting steroids and antihistamines I'm a bit better and hopefully in a day or so I should feel fine. I also have to get an epi pen which I need to carry from…

Busy bee

Have been working quite a bit lately, both normal work, design work for a poster I'm doing this year for my friend as well, school work and skiing. Normally skiing can't be considered work but since I've been out with an instructor and being taught how to ski even better I think I'll leave it in as it does require some effort and work! I've been told I'm not allowed to just freeski more than once a week and that I need to get a bit more animal when I am skiing as well as changing a few things in technique. So it is back to work!
The new courses that I'm taking this semester seem good, I can plan my own time and there's some interesting stuff! It's going to be hard but hopefully fun and interesting to learn illustrator..

Driving British cars, discussing graphics and testing skis

You will once again have to excuse me for my bad updating skills. I've been meaning to for quite some time now..
So we'll start off a week and a half ago when I had to drive the beast, or the L200 as it is otherwise known down to Albertville for a meeting with Rossignol and the girls. I've only ever driven the truck once, when we urgently needed a parking at GVA airport and that didn't turn out great. After having some practice changing gears and making sure I wasn't drifting over to the middle of the road it wasn't too bad though. With the girls, I had a good time as always, discussing graphics mostly, going for a meal and then getting some late christmas presents, or more accurately skis and poles. Very excited to ski on them!
So the following days meant going out testing the new skis and they are really good! I really enjoyed them during the test day in December and I do now as well. So two big thumbs up!