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Booked flights to Turkey

So, last night we finally managed to book our flights to Turkey, it was about 1am at night before we were finished, getting the best price as we're going from Copenhagen to Turkey and then from Turkey to Birmingham, wasn't the easiest, but think it turned out ok in the end.

Very excited already! We're flying to Bodum and going sailing for a week and then coming back to the same place before continuing our journey to the UK. Here's a pic of Bodrum, pic from


Working during all the holidays makes you not so aware that they’re going on, you’re not doing all the traditional things that you would do at home so holidays stop becoming that special. I did however convince Ross that we should have something to look for, and since getting cardboard eggs with pick and mix is practically impossible in France, an Easter bunny would have to do! I managed to find mine after not that long a search and I’ve now hidden Ross’ since we again celebrate on different days. Here’s a pic of my flowers from last week as well! As you can see the bunny did not survive in its whole form for very long, although it is harder than expected to get the chocolate pieces off of it. I’ve so far attacked the ears… Also, been sick the past few days so not really in top shape, basically my throat is killing me and everything else hurts, but can’t really take off from work so trying to suck it up and sip tea and hot milk all day long. Hopefully I’ll recover soon!

Lately and future plans

So, quite a bit going on lately and have had some good news! Plus a week when you get both flowers and another present can't be that bad!

And apparently I won a lottery thing after doing an evaluation on my graphic design course and I get a bag!

Day off today and trying to work out flights to Turkey this summer for the sailing trip. So much stuff to look forward to, but first finish the season and work, and finish two essays and two commentaries, a ski test and much more.

I've also booked flights to Sweden for the 13th! Looking forward to see everyone but will also be a long time without Ross.... so some weekend flights needs to be booked as well...

New photoshop challenge

So had the time to do something for this week’s photoshop challenge at and this is my result. The theme was food.


So here’s a few pics from snowboarding the past few days. I’m getting more confortable on my board and am really starting to enjoy it despite the hard work and the slush moguls on the slopes.


The past few weeks, every side that can go has gone. There’s been avalanches all around resort, here’s a pic of the lavachet wall. For those of you not knowing Tignes, (the brown rock part in the middle is where it’s gone..) Needless to say, you need to have respect for the mountains and the snow conditions and be smart and know enough to make good judgments on where to ski.


So the spring has come to Tignes as well, a classic sign is this flower, in swedish known as Tussilago. Does anyone know what it’s called in English?

Some photos

So this is from the other week, the weather forecast said sunny and maybe a bit cloudy in the afternoon and it was dumping, wet snow that mostly went anyway but still, the contrast to the weather forecast was quite funny.


Well after having skied on Thursday we decided to pop into Blackcats to check out the sale. I came back with snowboard boots and bindings! After this we headed down to loop for après and we danced on the tables to the cheerleaders. Great day out! We headed back for some food and then some more drinks. Of course yesterday I had to try my new gear and Ross got new boots as well, lets just say I'm far from a pro boarder yet but I managed to get down two slopes fairly well and without major bruising and then it was time to head back to work. Baking has also been a big part of this week. Seeing as Laura and I get leftover stuff, usually dry stuff and eggs, we decided to bake, so for the dinner we had with friends at my place tuesday we made apple cake and banana bread and then yesterday apple crumble. It's the weekend again and changeover day so I've got a long day ahead. Hopefully everything'll run smoothly and then can't wait for tomorrow afternoon when I'm going …

bad weather

Can't believe it's raining in Tignes today, was shocked when I walked out the door this morning heading to work.. and this is when you realize that instead of studying and finishing my essay yesterday afternoon. Note to self, always ski when you can, the rest can be done on bad weather days. So, if it's still raining when I finish work at midday I'll see if I have the motivation to ski. Otherwise the plan is climbing tonight, haven't climbed since before the season so probably a good thing to get started again to get a head start to the summer season.

Knee problems..... again

My left knee, same one as before, started hurting a few days ago when skiing and yesterday skiing down the face in Val I decided to pop into the Med center to have it checked out. You can never be too careful when it comes to your knees. Anyway it was decided I should see a physio today to have them look at it as they know a bit more about these tricky joints. So, drumroll please, the verdict is that my knee cap is moving the wrong way and basically grating on the bones around. Sound nice? Not really. Apparently this has built up to a problem for quite some time and I have just noticed as it's gotten to that stage just now. Anyway, solution is to strengthen muscles around to force the knee to move in the right way, get orthotics for my ski boots and then tape my knee when skiing. Yes I can still ski, best news of the day, but only for shorter periods of time and then have to ice it afterwards. But still, being able to ski and knowing that you're not causing irreparable damage …