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Had my last exam for the semester this morning. A 5h test in business administration. I did finish about 20 minutes early but still, long time to be writing by hand. It was definitely a long time ago that I did a test like that, but think it went ok. Really happy it's all done now - summer holiday!!!


So more and more studies, I’m afraid updating won’t get more exciting than this for a bit… I’ve just finished my opposition/commentary to the essay that I had to do as the last part for one of my courses. Also just found out one of the other essays I sent in the other day is ok, yay! So this means I’ve only got the exam tomorrow left, a 5h test, where I am to bring a calculator… anyways, got the whole afternoon to revise a bit more so that should be fine! Wish me luck and hold your thumbs for me tomorrow!

Mother’s day

Yesterday was mother’s day, which of course had to be celebrated. So me and my mom had cake, went out for lunch and of course she got some gifts as well =) All in all a really good day, spent with the best mom ever!

2 down, 2 to go

Sent my two essays in, now all that's left is the commentary and the exam on tuesday! Then I can finally go on summer holiday!


Having some time off from studying this morning, essays nearly finished and just some more reading to do so took a proper break, watching light TV entertainment reading and doing some work with photos. Lacking any other model but myself, I set out and took some random photos, nothing great, but anyway, and then worked in photoshop to make it into a proper black and white photo, not just desaturating, which everyone can do, but taking shadows, highlights and all that into concern. I hope I can get some more time in photoshop soon.. I do really enjoy it but maybe my first goal should be to find other models than myself! hihi.

Pirates 4

I did go to the movies last Friday, just haven’t had a chance to update, or taken enough break from my studies to do so, but here goes… Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 4 at the local cinema with Sanna, unfortunately the other larger cinema got booked up and I didn’t get to see it in 3d, but hey, some other time… To be honest it wasn’t quite what I expected and I think my least favorite of the pirates movies so far… but it was worth watching anyway, watching “Jack Sparrow” is always fun =)Pic from Filmkritikerna.seNext on my want to watch movies is Thor, I love Nordic mythology so I think this might be something for me…


I don’t think I’ve ever studied this much, this intensely, since IB, which says quite a bit, I had an emergency essay to write a week or so ago, that I don’t know how I missed, (but didn’t miss deadline in the end =) ) and now the final essay, another one, the exam and a commentary on another essay. All at once it seems. So, my days are spent studying, and studying and studying, it’s not very exciting….But hey, another week or so and then it’s done for this semester, then just another week and a course in web publishing to do this summer before attacking it again in the fall… Hmm. It’s going to take me a bit more than a year to finish what I want, so guess I just need to suck it up! At least being back in my old home town means I don’t have too many distractions, apart from internet that is….

selling old course literature

Selling my old course literature on, they have an english page as well, recommend to all of you students ! Check it out and spread the word!

Back in Sweden

Flew back to Sweden on Friday and been busy this weekend. Yesterday I got to see a lot of my family as it was my niece's second b-day and my other sister and my nephew were also staying over which was fun. Today I've been busy writing a last minute essay for which the deadline is midnight tonight, don't know how I've missed it before, so spent most of the day writing today....
Have also ordered a new computer charger as my cord has a glitch in it and won't charge unless in a "good" position. Anyways, should maybe think about replacing the battery as well since the timing a charge will last seems to be rapidly declining....

Dead reckoning

So got a new book last week, the last one in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, meaning the boanoks behind the tv series True Blood. Of course I read it in almost one go, so in about 24h after having gotten the book it was finished =) Can't wait for the tv series to start again!(think it is this summer)pic from

Second bbq

The second bbq was held at the camp trappeur, my work site last year, and have to say it’s a bit nicer when you don’t have to work there, sitting in the smoke all evening and carrying around heavy pots of fondue… Some of the men were in charge of the fire, the manly thing to do, and they were called upon in order to show their skills with an axe…. All supervised by Kev of course.Ross and JamesStu

Last day at work

Saturday was my last day at work, basically making sure everything was well organized and cleaned. The start wasn’t great though, they had supposedly changed the bus schedule and I was up early to go down to lac, was there a bus? no! Not knowing if it had for once left early I started walking early and arriving in Lac at the same time as the next bus (which of course was on the same schedule as before, not the new one that was sent out the day before! slightly annoying, however the weather was great so couldn’t complain too much. Arriving at work, the fire alarm was waking up the whole building, cause someone had accidentally pushed the button in the garage (again, for like the 4th time this season)… Either way departures went ok and mid afternoon everything was done so finished work and  in the evening it was time for a second bbq =)

First bbq

Decided on having a bbq by the lake this past friday, the first one for this summer season coming. It was great, good weather, good food, good company. Even starting the fire was easy, (although a blow torch was used )


The slopes were definitely limited this last week in Tignes, but the upside was that there was no one one the slopes. Had a great day snowboarding with Laura just going on Lanches/double M and vanoise, sugary slush is awesome when you’re on a board!

Ski testing

Had another ski test with Rossignol this week, conditions weren’t great but we had a good time anyway and managed to test a few different skis anyway, and stay on our feet! We ended the day with lunch together at the Escale blanche which was great as well. So another good day with the girls =)