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Back in Sweden

So, I left Tignes on the Thursday to head back home, but not before spending the weekend in London with two of my friends from Annecy, Amanda and Elisabeth! We had an awesome time with lots of sightseeing, walks, laughs and food! Since I left my laptop in France I haven't yet had the opportunity to get any photos up, but hopefully soon! At least I have my parents' laptops to use for general mailing and things so not completely cut off from internet and other people.

Unfortunately got some bad news on my level 2 instructing course, that was scheduled for this summer in July, when I got back home, it's been cancelled due to to few participants, so I'm now looking into other options and I'm positive I'll work something out.

And the photos


High Rope Course

Yesterday we all had a day off and we managed to find one activity that was open despite it being preseason and a Monday! The high rope course in Longefoy, Le Repaire des Ecureils, opened for us in the afternoon. All in all there were 7 of us to climb the trees. I managed to take a few short video clips with my phone and some photos. We had a great time and I think the surf board was everyone’s favorite!

Back in Tignes

Been back home for a few days to see Ross and it’s been great, well, apart from the weather; it’s been around 10 degrees and raining most days… I flew out from Copenhagen on Friday which was nice cause it meant I didn’t have to change flights and then in Geneva I hopped on the bus to Annecy. They really should make the bus go straight and not through center town of Gva which takes an hour, so the journey really could’ve taken about half the time! Then I had about an hour to walk around Annecy which was nice, just to walk around the old part of town and the lake. Then got picked up from there and drove back so was back in Tignes around 10pm I think, and it’s definitely not as light here in the evenings as it is back home at the moment. Here’s from my flight, a snapshop of Denmark from above!


So today will be the day I leave for our summerhouse and then I go back home to Tignes on Friday, flying out from Copenhagen.. So, only flying with handluggage this time but still was considering what to pack and then logging in to facebook this morning made me realize, it’s snowed in resort today!! Crazy, imagine if this had been in the season instead, being starved of snow all winter and it comes on the 1st of June! Incredible, anyway, here’s snapshots from the webcams of Tignes, this is Le Lac!