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Week in Torekov

So, when Ross came to Sweden and our summerhouse, we went to see my new nephew, had lunch with my grandparents, went on a day trip out to Väderön (The weather Island), saw my aunt and uncle, swam, had bbqs, played kubb and much more. My twin brother also had his vacation this week so he was with us in Torekov as well. It was really great and perhaps the best part was the children on the bridge asking why Ross was wearing a wet suit top since it wasn't cold in the water. We also helped renovate the decking at my grandparents' house, an idea that Ross came up with and ended up being a bigger project than we initially thought, but that really did turn out well in the end so all worth it.

New family member

One of the most important things that's happened when I was at home in Sweden was of course that my new nephew was born, William! Happy birthday. We all got in the car to go see him when he was only 3 days old and really tiny, so again I'm a proud aunt. This was the same day as my other nephew's birthday so of course this was celebrated as well!

Another day in the big city

The following day we decided to go out to the Greenwich and the Royal Observatory which was really cool, especially since it’s lots of hand on tests and experiments about space. So after having spend the morning there we also went for lunch, had pizza and then made our way back to London Bridge, bourough market and the tower bridge. After all of which we decided to look in a few shops and then find a good place to go eat, we ended up in an Indian restaurant where the food was nice, however the drinks were a bit strong and our neighboring table was already quite cheery… This was the last night as we all had flights and trains out of London the next morning.


So at the start of June I went back to Tignes for a few days followed by a trip to London with my two friends Elisabeth and Amanda…Since I knew this delayed update would take place I actually wrote down what we did on the different days as to remind myself for my future blogging. So we stayed in a hostel at New Cross which was alright, the hostel was fine but the neighborhood seemed somewhat suspicious at times. We did spend most of our time in central London though so didn’t really matter. We of course saw Big ben, Westminister, Buckingham Palace and all of the touristy stuff that people do when in London. The first day walking around we got soaked, we all had rain jackets or an umbrella but still managed to get soaked into the skin, which was why a late English breakfast was in order, just to dry up and get inside. But what would a visit to England be without rain?
London We then moved on to the Natural History Museum, to keep drying ourselves, and to see the dinosaurs, but to our di…

Trying to remember what’s happened in the past month or two…

Basically I’ve been really bad at updating lately because I’ve either not had my computer or access to the photos I’ve wanted to put up or even an internet connection. But that’s now all in the past as I am back in Tignes. So here’s a few posts trying to cover what’s been going on =)

Arrived in the Kingdom

arrived in the UK yesterday after a bit more than a week in Turkey, seeing as my laptop is now still in Tignes, I will have to try to remember everything afterwards, and sort through the hundreds of photos that I've taken during the trip! Anyways, all is good and looking forward to some time here and in Scotland!