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Tufs–Fresse hike

Today I took the Aeroski up to the top of Tovière to walk along the ridge all the way to the top of Fresse and then down to VC. The lifts close this weekend so need to make the most of it before. It was really windy along the ridgeline, especially on the Tignes side and I cannot imagine how people actually bike the same route, even I thought it was a bit sketchy at times, slippery, steep gravel and no one near by….But all went well as you can understand, since I am updating the blog from the comfort of my own apartment. I brought my camera since my new course in visual communication recommends bringing your camera all the time to really get to know the camera, all of the functions, take everyday photos and to never miss an opportunity. Said and done, I played around a lot with the settings and got some crappy shots as well I might add but here’s a few I liked the composition of and that I’ve then also edited as I wanted to try some new techniques I’ve read on Some …


We went rafting yesterday with franceraft and had a great time. The day started out really cold, as I mentioned there were snowflakes flying around in the air, but once we got down the valley the temperature picked up. We met up with the Masterman's and partners and got into our gear. We also had another 3 join us, 1 adult and 2 kids. I have to say, wetsuit trousers are not a good look for most people! Anyway, once in all our gear we were driven back up to Bourg st Maurice where the rafting was to start and we were instructed on what commands would be used for different paddling. In the river we started testing all of it, including the security position, going head on to rocks and (almost) flipping the boat. We had a great time despite not too much water in the river and we were quite surprised when we hit a rapid and both Ross and Drew, the two men in front, flew out of the boat, Drew under the boat and Ross quite a bit further away. Drew got rescued quite quickly but Ross was t…

First snow?

I am definitely sure that I saw some flakes in the air this morning... I hope it warms up towards the afternoon since we've got plans to go rafting!

School start

So I've finally managed to register for all of my courses on all of the websites and portals and whatnot, I can't believe why they make things this difficult. I'm enrolled in 5 courses (yes 5, I'm studying at 125% of full time this semester, the extra 25% because I just really couldn't decide on only 4). These courses are unfortunately at 5 different universities, as one university just doesn't offer enough in terms of photography, photo editing, graphic design and sports marketing and sports psychology. This means I have to register in at least 10 different places in addition to registering for csn and the national study website "studera" to actually be able to do them all. You would think they would make it easy for people who want to study and develop their own skills, but unfortunately no one has yet figured out how to run all of these things on one website! and that they could all decide on which portal is actually the best so that I don't ha…


So spent some time in Illustrator these past few days as well, and been trying out some tutorials that I’ve found on this page is my result from one of them! I used to not like Illustrator as much and although I do still prefer photoshop in some ways, I’m starting to get the hang of illustrator a bit more and see its usefulness which is good since I’ve got another graphic design course coming up this semester.

Lac de Chardonnet again

Ross and I finally used the ski lifts this summer (since they are free for pedestrians/hikers/bikers etc) and went up Palafour, walked along to the Lac the Chardonnet, were we were once again amazed at how high the step-off to the lift is (!) and then continued on the side to get to Tichot and back down. It was a good hike, but I did also get a bit more sun than I thought, shoulders and neck are a bit red (you can clearly see the lines from my top and the camera bag, not good, more sunscreen from now on!

Pics from the hike

So I’ve now gotten some more pics from the hike last weekend. All credit to Baptiste =)

Tilt shift effekt

Just tried out the tilt shift effect in photoshop which basically makes a photo taken from above look like a photo of ex a miniature town. Here’s my first try! Think I need a bit more practice but it’s always fun learning new tricks.

Hike in the Vanoise

This weekend I left Tignes to go on a 3 day hike in the Vanoise national park. So on Saturday morning I drove to Bozel where I met up with Baptiste, Tanya, Marine and Pierre and we continued onto Pralognan where we started the hike up to the Peclet-Polset, 2474m, where we were to sleep for the following two nights. After having sorted out all of the materials and food that we needed we started our hike up. Saturday we had great weather and I got the best tan line I think, considering the strapping on my knee, and we had lunch next to the trail and the cows. Once up at the refuge I was introduced to the French rules of playing Uno, which believe me, is nothing like the rules I used to play with growing up, but I caught on after a while at least! We had an early dinner considering our 3.30 early start for the following morning.
So the 3.30 start was because we needed to get up to the glacier before it was getting to warm and the weather too bad, we started the hike in the dark and wh…


I've been told I have a new reader of my blog, so here's a special welcome to Alice! I hope you'll enjoy reading about all of mine and our adventures.

Lac de Chardonnet 360 degree view

Hike Lac de Chardonnet

So back in Tignes I’ve been busy doing various things, getting things in order, and just settling in back home. The other day I did a short hike up to the Chardonnet bowl and it was really nice, it looks so different from in the winter!


So since I’ve finally updated everything from the trip, we now move on to what happened in and around Stourbridge for our final week in the UK. The biggest thing was probably that we bought a car. Here’s a pic (Not our car but the same model and color)So this is my first car ever!  and I guess “our” first car as well.

Isle of Mull and Iona

After having spent 3 days in Callander a few of us continued west to Tobermory on the Island of Mull. We stayed in a hostel right in the harbor, but to be honest, I would never stay there ever again. The service was just terrible and the beds squeaked all night. We did have a nice time though, we went to Calgary Bay where some of us actually went in the sea for a swim. It was quite chilly to be honest but not as bad as I thought it was going to be. After the swim we had a barbeque and then went for a short hike. The beach was really white and you could see that the water would look amazing in sunshine, unfortunately we didn’t have that nice weather so we all had jackets and blankets and stayed close to the fire when we weren’t moving around.Pic from next day we went to the island of Iona, which was really nice and we had a great day just walking around on the island, sitting on the beach and…


After a few days in Stourbridge we headed up to Scotland for the big Creed clan family gathering in Callander. We took over a hostel and had 3 great days biking, hiking, hanging out, and doing a go Ape course (high ropes) and we also went to see Harry Potter 7 pt2. So it was great to see all of Ross’ family and to meet the ones that I hadn’t yet met. The cousins and their respective partners formed a pyramid in the end at the time for the family photo and after a few attempt it was fairly successful, there were two smaller pyramids and a plank.The go Ape course was good but a bit too many ziplines for my taste which made it a bit too easy but the best part was definitely the tarzan swing, a long rope used as a liane and then a big net to catch on to. We got soaked during the instruction and then it didn't rain at all so it was good apart from the scottish midge bites!


So we had a few days on the boat in Turkey, a Catamaran called Gallifrey, we didn’t get much proper sailing because we didn’t have the right wind, but it was still nice to get out on the water with a breeze which was a bit cooler than the mainland. The first day we went over to Cleopatra’s beach and bay, thus continuing the “Cleopatra theme” from the previous day. The sand on the beach is rumored to have been brought over from Egypt by boat. We didn’t want to pay to walk across the island since Ross and I had seen ancient cities the previous days and so we took the dingy together with Mike and Nicole and then swam into the bay. In the evening we continued to Kaptan Efelos which was really nice, we saw a great sunset and had a nice meal. The day after we had a bit of rough weather in the afternoon and it was fun at first, being in front and jumping on the trampoline with the waves but then I got a bit seasick as we all needed to go down and shut all hatches which didn’t go away until w…