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Susa, Italy

On Sunday we decided we'd leave Tignes behind and go see some other place and we ended up going to Susa in Italy, a tiny village on the other side of the Col d'Iseran and the Col du Mont Cenis. The Cols will probably close fairly soon because of the winter and Italy is quite a bit further away if you have to go around the mountains instead of over them. Susa had some interesting buildings left from the Roman empire and the streets were narrow and buildings all built together. We had a bit of offroading close to Lac du Mont Cenis as Ross wanted a closer look and the only way down was a gravel road that turned out to be a bit bumpier than expected. After arriving in Susa we walked around, had gelato - yoghurt and strawberry flavor for me! and accidentally ended up in some sort of marketplace where they even had birds, guinea pigs, cows, goats, chickens and so on. I've not seen anything quite like it. Let's just say the market that comes to Tignes is not quite as exotic.

Photos from today and some photoshop experimenting

I was lucky and the snow was still there when I woke up so I decided a walk was in order. I got Freddie the dog with me and started my tour of Tignes, however taking photos and at the same time holding a dog isn’t always the easiest but got some good photos and Freddie didn’t have to wait too much. The most fun photo of the day is of someone cutting the grass in the half pipe with the mountaintop covered in snow above. Then I took some photos using the reflections in the water and finally there’s also a photo from the other day when the clouds were coming down over le lac. The snow has melted a bit now during the day as it’s gotten quite warm but I don’t think it’ll be too long until we get our next snowfall.

First proper snow and a trip to IKEA

Woke up this morning to proper snow and the thermometer showing 1 degree Celsius outside and the mountains were starting turn white. Here's a few pics from my cell phone this morning.
I was up early since I was going with Ben to IKEA, I needed to get some stuff for the apt and of course some “scandi snacks”. Unfortunately the food store didn’t have half of what I wanted but at least the lingonberry jam supply is stocked up again and I got some meatballs, tunnbröd, glögg and candy. In the proper IKEA I got cutlery, (we seem to run out of clean spoons to quickly) and a new pillow for Ross. A good day all in all and I’m just hoping the snow is still here in the morning because I want to go out with my proper camera and play around a bit (fingers crossed – it’s still snowing)

Terme Pré-Saint-Didier

Just got back from Terme-Pré-Saint-Didier where Ross and I spent the afternoon. After having a later night than expected yesterday, but good fun, at TC's bar in Lavachet, we didn't have an early start but the place is open til 23.00 on Saturdays so it didn't matter. After getting through and booking our entry for 14.00 we set off on the road over Col de Petit St Bernard to get to Italy, which you can only do in the summer as it's shut in the winter.

At theTerme you we got in and booked on an extra Thermal mud treatment and went in to change into our swimming gear with the bathrobe, towel and flipflops that were given to us. So we basically did the tour of the wellness centre apart from the relaxation area, but we went into all the pools, the thermal rain, the footbath with baking soda, the hay sauna, the Kneipp foot bath/walk, the outside pools, the waterfalls and then of course also a few rounds of the buffet of fruit, youghurts, juices and breadsticks. The thermal mu…

Sunny days

It seems as we're getting to keep the lovely weather for a few more days. Spent most of the past few days studying, but at least I can do my reading on a blanket by the lake. However, some of my courses require some serious computer time! At least I'm well ahead in one of my courses now as I've turned in the second assignment (due on October 15th) a month early so hopefully I can finish the course well before winter starts.

Today I've also been assigned dog walking duty, taking care of Freddie the beagle, but it's not too bad, it gives me a break from staring at my computer screen which I am starting to get a little bit sick of to be honest.

Hike Col de la Sauce

Went on a hike today with Tess, Ant, Megan and Freddie the dog up to Col de la Sauce which is close to Lac de Roselend, between Bourg and Beaufort. So it was a bit of a drive to get there even before we could start walking but it was nice to get another view than the one you get from hiking around Tignes. We had about an hour and a half of easy walking up to the col where we had a picnic before heading back down again. It was really good to get out and we were lucky with the weather as well, you never know when you’re going to get stuck in the fog and rain of interseason.

Tiger frog 1.1

So here’s the second Tiger frog, couldn’t resist doing it all in fur in the end. Drawing fur is hard work but I'm really happy with how it turned out. What do you think?

Tiger frog

So I’ve not had that much to do today, so figured it was time for some serious photoshopping… Decided to blend two animals and work with fur, which is quite a challenge. So today’s creation is called the Tiger frog, I’ve only made the head furry so far, but I will probably go on to cover the whole frog....Source files come from