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Just finished writing my exam (got acces at 16h00 and it's now 18h40. I technically do still have 20 minutes to keep writing but I don't think it'll get any better than this, so hopefully it'll be ok, I guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks, fingers crossed!!

And I just found out I passed(with flying colors) my sports marketing exam that I wrote when I was in Sweden a few weeks ago! Happy!

Also decorated the house for Christmas and have made cornflakes cookies! It's only 1 month left until christmas =) Yay!

Photoshopping and other studying

Since it's now my weekend I've spent the day studying - meaning I've spent the day in Photoshop, illustrator and Indesign - and a tiny bit in word. I've sent off two assignments, so hopefully those should be ok. It was time to finish up the last assignment in my digital images course. I ended up choosing the below image with the lego castle as it let me be a bit more creative than the other one, or rather, I got a bit stuck on the other one and couldn't think of ways to make it better and add more images - which was a requirement for the assignment. Anyway, this is the final image - after some well needed advise from Ross, parents and Phil, whose ideas are always very good!
So this is the image (below) that didn't make the cut. Maybe if I leave it for bit I'll get some new ideas on how to continue working with it.

The second assignment was the first in my graphics design course that I started the other week. I had to recreate a company logo to fit whatever …

Started work

I started work on Monday this week and had a good day putting together near paires of new poles... The new shop is really nice and I'm looking forward to getting into work and the winter. I think it's going to be a good one! Now we're just waiting for the snow to arrive.

Today was spent mostly in Val with Ross building IKEA furniture for the flat that they've renovated, got a lot of stuff done so happy with what we did. Now I'm back home and studying a bit since Ross has left to take a friend to Geneva.


So the theme for the week is studies and I’ve so far sent in two assignments, hopefully I can get in a third one before tomorrow night, and I’ve also started working on two other ones. The good thing is that almost all of my assignments I enjoy, it’s mostly practical stuff – working in photoshop, illustrator and indesign. And it also helps getting quick feedback, two days after delivery – passed the assignment =) So going to do a bit of studying this mornign before it’s time to bake Megan a cake for a birthday , see Adam and Charlotte in the afternoon and then go out to the petit sav to celebrate Megan.

Finished assignment

As you can probably understand, I’m a few days late updating the blog, ever since we got back to Tignes I’ve been dealing with a  mountain of laundry, studies and general organizing of the apt as I’ve of course brought lots of stuff back from Sweden.. Anyway, since I also found out there’s no work for me this week so I’m starting next week instead I’ve been trying to get ahead with my studies a bit before I also start working full time. So, this is one part of the 5th assignment for my digital images course, the one I’ve told you about before (photoshopping me/or someone like an ad) I’ve taken all the photos that I’ve used myself and then edited them and put them together to make the final image.What do you think? I’ve added a link here to the ad that was my inspiration.


So the Thursday before we left Sweden Ross and I went to Göteborg (or Gothenburg if you like) and spent the day walking around the city and the harbor. We found Maritiman by the water, which is kind of a museum or a collection of different types of ships that you’re allowed on and in. I think this was probably Ross’ favorite part of the day. I also managed to find Condeco, a lunch restaurant/café that I’ve been to before and really like! After Gothenburg we drove down to Torekov, to at least save 3h of driving before Friday and the long drive back to Tignes.


Yesterday evening we watched HV71 beat Linköping at Kinnarps Arena in Jönköping. I haven't been to a hockey match in ages, not since I was in the states and went to see Craig, Brian and Jamie.
I cheered for HV71 as I did go to school in Jönköping for three years, so I was happy with the result. I think Ross really enjoyed the game as well, once I'd explained some of the rules (although I couldn't remember all of the tackles)

Busy schedule

We've got a busy schedule this week (just like last week) visiting all my brothers and sisters and seeing my friends. We've so far been to Torekov, Herrljunga, Skara, Sunne (the farthest north that Ross has ever been) and today we're driving to Växjö. We'll also be going to Jönköping tonight to watch a hockey game (ice hockey that is - the only proper kind of hockey! ) and in between all of this I also need to finish my final essay for my sports marketing course which is supposed to be about 10 pages. It's when you're on holiday that it's not a good idea to be studying more than full time!

Anyway, I'm basically making sure that Ross gets to see as much of Sweden before we go back to France this weekend. I even brought him to a cheese shop yesterday! Those of you who know him will also know that he doesn't like cheese and that I would have to double wrap and put stuff in a plastic container before it goes in the fridge! My town is famous for the shop…