Photoshopping and other studying

Since it's now my weekend I've spent the day studying - meaning I've spent the day in Photoshop, illustrator and Indesign - and a tiny bit in word. I've sent off two assignments, so hopefully those should be ok.
It was time to finish up the last assignment in my digital images course. I ended up choosing the below image with the lego castle as it let me be a bit more creative than the other one, or rather, I got a bit stuck on the other one and couldn't think of ways to make it better and add more images - which was a requirement for the assignment. Anyway, this is the final image - after some well needed advise from Ross, parents and Phil, whose ideas are always very good!

So this is the image (below) that didn't make the cut. Maybe if I leave it for bit I'll get some new ideas on how to continue working with it.

The second assignment was the first in my graphics design course that I started the other week. I had to recreate a company logo to fit whatever type of company I wanted it to be and then to apply the logo to different things and present a general graphics communication profile. My finished logo turned out like this.
The next assignment picks up where this left off so I'll se whether I'll keep the logo like this in the end but it's good for now.


Ross said…
The 2 photos, sample a photo of me. However my arms are in different positions! She's like the puppeteer guy from Heroes.
Linda Stridh said…
I control everything =)

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