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And some pics from today.

Today was quite cold  - apparently we're in for a few days in with cold temperatures (as you can see in one of the pics my hair is frozen!) - but the snow has kept coming so it's not too cold yet... Almost no visibility today but great snow and we stayed mostly on or very near the piste to be able to see some contours.

Some pics from last week

Here are some pics from last week's skiing - all credits to Gael for taking the photos! ( I'm fairly certain the last pic of me is just before I had my big fall of the day! )


So, have been a bit lazy in updating the blog lately due to being infected with some kind of flu (Ross claimed it was man flu at first - but since I got it two days later I don't think it applies anymore) So have been trying to rest a bit to try to get better and we're getting there - albeit slowly.

Also had a great day out skiing Thursday with Ross, Ben x2 and Gael. Found some great snow and got some good runs in. I had a bit of a fall on the last one and my back and neck are still a bit in knots but it's getting better as well. Then of course Ross managed to get himself and a few friends a heli for Friday when I had to work....

So all in all - recovery from illness and fall is coming along and hopefully I'll have some more fun things to blog about soon!

More photos and a short film

Here's some more footage from today (from Ross' phone)

First attempt at snowkiting

I had my first attempt at snowkiting this afternoon after having recovered from the morning's adventures through lunch at the New Pastille Café. We were up at the flat on the glacier where the cross country tracks are in the summer. It was a bit tricky at first getting the kite to fly and then to stay up and turn from side to side but managed to start to get the hang of it in the end. Next time I'm supposedly getting to try a normal "girl" size kite instead of this beginner one that I had this time which is "only" 2,5m2... (First photo creds to Julien from 333 who put this one up on facebook) The two other ones I managed to get whilst Ross was having a go.

Tovière to Chevril

It's been quite an adventurous and eventful day here in Tignes today. We; Ross, Stevo, Grant, Ben and I, did Tovière to Chevril which was followed by a heli pick up to La Daille. Getting to the top of Mickey's ears was a bit sketchy today as we had to walk all the way around due to lack of snow in the coloirs and the last path up was not the easiest - I was almost on all fours - trying to focus on the next step up! Once we'd gotten up we had a good run down though, especially the last part among the trees where the snow was still very light and untouched! At the bottom we caught up with another group who'd been before us but our chopper was faster to get there so we got the first flight out! A great morning out and hopefully more to come this season!

Photo creds to Ben and Grant.

Off piste skiing

Had a short off piste session with Ross and Grant today, we ended up having to hike a bit for the first run (we were heading for telegraph but the snow was lacking in so we had to walk up a bit, easier for me on skis, but Grant and Ross were both on boards. This was followed by going up Tichot and Grattalu and then cutting out by Merles to get the side near Aimé's house and then a short run down under Chaudannes before heading back. All in all a good day out and I really love my s7 skis, I don't even have to think about being off piste or technique - I can just ski like I would on a piste which is great!!

Cross country

Laura and Alex came up to Tignes yesterday and we all went cross country skiing together on and around the lake. Considering the wind I think we made the better choice not going up with any lifts! Had a great time, Alex had never been on cross country skis before and he did well, apart from when he decided to go down the steps by the loop bar! It was great to see Laura again as well and hopefully I'll get to see her again in the summer!

Skiing and après

Had an amazing day Tuesday with lots of skiing and then lunch and après at Loop. Megan and I had a blast going down to Brev and after that we met up with Ross and Andy & Alex for lunch at loop followed by a short ski and then après again at the loop. Lots and lots of snow in Tignes at the moment as you can see! This was shortly after Megan had "dived" in =)

Happy new year!!

This weekend has been crazy with New Year and working full days! So I'm now quite happy to have the day off tomorrow, sleep in and then go skiing. For New Year we had a great meal (as always) at Jacques which was followed by a walk down to the lac where the New Year's party took place. Here's a short clip from right after midnight.