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Snowboarding and cracked poles

Yesterday was dedicated to snowboarding and I think I got along alright until I had a few falls and kind of got back into old habits, in the end I also had a fall and bruised the knee a bit, but it was ok today - just a bit sore.
I managed to do a full spin yesterday on the board which I'm really proud of too! After my fall I luckily had Ross to help me down a piste and then we got a lift down to Val and a car ride back.

This morning I went to the pharmacyt to see if I could find a knee brace that just supports the knee cap - I know they exist since my mom has them but here at the pharmacy they didn't seem to think so and she tried to get me to take something huge and not very adapted for what I meant. In the end I got a base strap that goes underneath the strapping tape to make my skin less irritated since I refused her knee braces. Got home and tried this thing underneath the tape but honestly, it was crap, the tape did not at all support the knee cap in the same way that it…

Friday and back to work

It's Friday again and it's back to work for me, I've done a few extra hours lately so I get a late start today at least - 10.00 which gave me enough time this morning for a short photographic excursion to take landscape photos for one of my uni courses. Now I just need to do the work after, comparing qualities and other aspects depending on different settings used. That's for later today though. Now it's time to get ready for work.


One of my wisdomteeth has started to come up and it's not been a very nice experience so far... I'm now trying the best I can just to keep it clean so that I don't have to have it removed (which from reading about it doesn't sound like a very pleasant experience!!)

Fingers crossed!

Ross b-day

It was Ross'  birthday this week and we had a really good day out skiing with friends and then a nice dinner at Jacques followed by a drink in the couloir. Ross had a great day and was really happy which is all that matters.
Here's pics from our lunch at the Praline.

A visit from home, and lots more

Last week my parents were out here to visit us in Tignes and we had a great week despite some really bad weather and visibility on the slopes. Mostly it was just nice to see them again because I haven't since November. Some days were really cold as well and because of my problems with my boots, my inner froze!
So need to get some silver tape now to temporarily fix them until I can send them back so that this doesn't happen again! No wonder my toes got cold!

Ross also surprised me during the week with taking me to get a new pair of goggles - I ended up choosing about the same model I have already, Oakley, but I managed to find a frame that fit really well with my jacket and then got the fire iridium lens with it so now I'm hoping for lots of sunny days so that I get to use it.

Then I finally also tried the Salomon BBR ski - the so called fish-ski - surf-ski. I quite liked it, a bit heavy but really stable and fun to do carving and short turns with on piste. Haven't trie…


So it's again my "weekend" and I've been out skiing with Megan and Ali and we also popped into the marmot arms for a vin chaud and some potato wedges which warmed us up a bit since it's still quite cold here in Tignes. Now it's time to get some studies done and some work and household things that needs to be taken care of!

My parents are out in a few days which I'm really looking forward to =)