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PSI 1 and a slightly bruised knee

So, I'm back in Tignes after having spent the last few days in Vaujany and Alpe d'Huez. I had a great few days and it was really good fun to get back into GS again. After the first day I had more than a few bruises on my arm and they're now no longer big bumps but just massive blue bruises. I guess that'll change into a nice yellow in a day or so as well! Overall a great course and great coaches so I can't complain. I did have a slight hickup since I managed to stretch my lateral ligament a bit but I still managed to get through the PSI GS course within the 24% margin that I was allowed so I very pleased that I passed! One more step that is done on my way to become a qualified ski instructor here in France. On the downside I'm back wearing a massive knee brace again - but hopefully not for too long! 
Because of the knee I didn't stay for the section of bumps and difficult snow that started today and goes on through Saturday and I unfortunately also had to m…


a quick update after my first day in vaujany-i'm a bit bruised after the gates but it's going to be a good few days. update about last wek's x games  ill follow when i'm back in tignes since this update is coming from my kindle and writing is a bit of an effort... so please excuse any spelling mistakes

New poles

Since the weather's not great today I've been studying and trying to get a bit ahead since there's lots of things coming up the following two weeks, but I did go out and find myself a new pair of poles. So with the help of the Blackcats crew I'm now fully equipped again and I've been reassured that these poles are very hard to break! I guess I did have my old one's for at least 6 years though so maybe it was about time to change. Here's a pic of the new ones.

Visualizing information

Just working on visualizing information right now, got an assignment which means I have to present three different statistical examples in an appealing way. I'm now almost done and I have to say, I never thought I would enjoy working with statistics again, but doing it this way is way more fun than just doing regular pie charts. I do however think that my laptop has a slight issue with 3D rendering, but managed to get around that as well. Now I just have to write the report to go with it explaining all the choices I've made and why I've made them. Hopefully I can get it done today so that I can go out skiing all day tomorrow! (deadline's on Thursday)


Just found this - my sister's on the radio discussing her research!

Preparations for the X GAMES have begun

They've started building the modules on double m, started shaping the half pipe and building the x village. Looking forward to the event this year!