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Crazy few days

So the past few days have been really crazy. I started feeling ill on Sat evening, and I spent the day at home on Sunday hoping to feel well enough to work Monday and the rest of the week. Unfortunately after only 2h of work on Monday morning I started feeling worse, really dizzy, nauseous and had a headache so I got Ross to pick me up from work and take me to the med center. After seeing the doctor I wasn't quite sure what she thought I had but I apparently needed to go down to the hospital in Bourg and all of a sudden I was wearing a face mask, a drip and was being taken into an ambulance by the pompiers. As I arrived in Bourg the crazyness picked up, French doctor's are crap at telling you what is going on... I had a brain scan, an x ray, a blood test and then they tried several times without success to do a spinal tap. This is the most excruciatingly painful thing I've ever done and I couldn't go through with it so in the end they let me rest and kept me for observ…


I've now finished the last assignment that I've got for my studies for this semester, all going well I've got a summer break from now until the end of August and can focus on doing some more grapic design and some photoshopping for pleasure instead! Yay! Here's some of the stuff from last night's "studying" - hdr effects, panoramas, tilt shift and much more.....

Some more April Pow


April powder

So the sun finally decided to come out after what must now be a week or so of snow and we managed to hit some really nice spots in between the clouds coming in and out. The crew, me and the boys, Rosco, Ben and Grant headed out as soon as it started to look nice and did Borsat and then Chardonnet bowl. Got some good snow and as we're getting closer and closer to the end of the season we can't complain. The snow will now definitely stay until the end and I'm hoping for a dump (May Powder!) just before I come back from Austria as well so that the final two days of the lifts being open can be taken advantage of - just like it did 2 years ago.
Credits to Ben for these photos as I haven't quite managed to transfer mine to the computer yet!

One more course down and one more to go this semester

Just found out that I passed the third and final assignment in my graphic design course, if you've followed my blog, the last assignment was the movie poster that I did for the sequel of the film se7en. Yay, handed in another assignment in my last course for this semester today and only got one more to do before I get a nice summer break. This fall, assuming all goes well I will be writing my bachelor thesis!

and it keeps snowing

It's amazing how we now in April and it's almost like we're back in January, the temperatures have gone down and it can't seem to stop snowing. Yesterday we went out for some off piste skiing, we decided going up towards the Motte to see what looked doable and trying to remember where there was and wasn't snow a few days ago! We ended up deciding on telegraph but after a long hike in - especially for Ross on the snowboard we decided to just go for the telephone as this was the shortest walk out of the bowl...
                                              Pushing Ross forward in the knee deep snow on the way in.
                                          And in some places it was waist deep! At the end of the walk out...

We did get some good snow, especially towards the bottom and first tracks, but we were all quite tired after this one run (especially me since I'd been out with the work crew the night before) and we went for lunch at New Pastille Café.
A pic tha…

Easter egg

So Easter weekend is here and as always weekends mean work. But Ross did surprise me yesterday saying he had hidden an egg for me to look for in our flat. So I started my hunt and very quickly found a box that had Easter Egg written on it. The box then contained pick and mix and some very nice mango flavored body wash.
Apparently he'd called my parents for advice on how to "make an Easter egg", (since I had explained we had cardboard eggs filled with pick and mix), to which the response from my parents was "we usually buy them in the supermarket". But very good effort on Ross' part. I think that we'll have to get my old Easter egg from home on our next visit so that we're ready for next year. In true English spirit I've hidden chocolate eggs in the flat for Ross as well, but he's only found one so far! I hope he finds all of them before I forget where I've hidden them.
And finally a pic of my "Easter egg"

GS training in Alpe d'Huez

Finally managed to put the video clips from Alpe d'Huez together to a short video. Movie credits to Stene and Skov and music credits to Andy Favre. You can check out the rest of his stuff here

And the afternoon was spent....

Finishing up the photoshop project that I have for one of my uni courses, involving a beauty retouch and montage.
Here's the result! A big thanks to Megan for being my model!

Some more skiing

Went out for some more skiing this morning as the fog/cloud started clearing up and it was actually quite good, some places were terrible as the snow was really wet underneath and just had a thin layer from last night's snowfall and it would literally stop you from going forward, I think we all had proper or at least very near crashes because of it. It was actually nicer to ski lower down where everything was slushy since I had my fat S7s on my feet I could just float through it! Lunch was had at the Marmot Arms and I had the Bird Burger which was great, a lot of food though so couldn't quite manage all of it, and for those of you who know me, you know that it is rare that I leave food! All in all a great morning out in the back yard.

St foy

We decided to head down to St Foy yesterday as it was wednesday and the super U deal with half price lift passes was on. Had a great time despite getting soaked - somewhere around halfway up the lift the rain changed to snow but it was wet. It was great to get to ski some new slopes though and I can imagine it being great at the start of the season for some off piste runs. Will have to schedule that in for next season.
This was also my first proper day skiing back since Alpe d'Huez so I was wearing the knee brace and it seems to be holding up!
After having decided we were to wet to enjoy any more skiing we headed down and had a great lunch at La maison de colonnes. Definitely recommend it if you're ever skiing in St Foy!

Pics from Alpe d'Huez / Vaujany

Hans, one of my fellow PSI1 coursemates was kind enough to pass photos on to me, all credits to Stene and Skov of course. Hopefully I can also figure out how to get a video up too!
Here's a few pics of my that I've put together quickly!


Today is my first day without the knee brace since Alpe d'Huez which feels really good. Now I just need to trust that it'll hold up as well. I think it's more psychological at this point than anything else.... Today has been spent taking photos for one of my assignments and I've started exploring options for the summer. Can't show the results fo that yet though! I've been very busy these last few weeks with lots of uni work and then having people staying with us so the blog has unfortunately been a bit neglected. Here's one of the assignments that I had, making a poster for a sequel to a movie, in my case, the movie se7en.