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Weekend in Sunne and some other developments

I've spent this past weekend in Sunne with my brother and his family and had a great time. The weather was still really good, sunny and almost too hot, I'm not too good with temperatures over 25... A weekend filled with building LEGO, playing football, boule and much more with my nephews. This weekend was also the final in the Eurovision song contest and I can now happily announced that Sweden won with Loreen and Euphoria. See it here. Yesterday it was also mother's day and we celebrated with cake and presents for my mom who definitely deserves a day of celebration.

Now I'm back in Falköping and trying to get everything ready for when I go back, which is now very soon, need to sort stuff out, get the last couple of things I want to bring back and so on. Unfortunately I've also had bad news concerning the course I wanted to do this fall but I'm hoping to do another one now first and be able to do that one later. Not impressed by the process and the way the unive…

Reading time

And because I've got lots of time off I'm taking time to do some reading which is really nice, reading for pleasure and not because you have to learn something, even though that can be interesting too sometimes. So, on my way to Sweden I finished the first book in the hunger games, I got it for my kindle and it was a fast and interesting read, and whilst being here I've been into my mother's "to read pile" and have so far read Grave sight and Grave Surprise which are by the author of the true blood series, so kind of same style - perfect for sitting in the garden in the afternoon enjoying the sun!

2 dresses and a haircut

So I did manage to find not just one but two dresses, which was good, I have even got pics of them but I can't seem to find a bluetooth connection on this laptop that I'm temporarily using (as mine is still in bits on our livingroom table in Tignes, unless the part has arrived and Ross has put it together that is) so for now, no pics of me in the dresses or my new haircut. But here's a pic of one of them, the beige/silver one, from HM's webpage, they were actually the only store that had a bit of a choice, most dresses in the shops here are white at the moment as people have started preparing for graduation when it's tradition for girls to wear white..The other dress is blue and is lace on top with long sleeves.

As for my hair, I didn't do anything radical this time though, just got about 4-5cm off to get rid of all the split ends and get rid off some of it in the back as it tends to get really thick there. So it just feels a bit lighter and nicer now.

Tonight …

Kolayoghurt and other Swedish things

So, yesterday I had my appointment with my dental hygienist, I usually don't get to see the dentist anymore since I apparently have good teeth and take well care of them! Same thing yesterday so it was very quick, she is efficient and very nice, and I don't have to do anything about my wisdom teeth, apparently the two in my upper jaw have already come out completely - hadn't noticed that, and the bottom one which I've been feeling is no trouble. At least for now, I'm all set to go and won't have to come back until in a few years again.

After my appointment I went to see Emma, who coincidentally is studying to be a dentist. It was great to catch up, since we don't see each other that often there's usually quite a bit to talk about...

And of course I was very happy last night as I got to talk to Ross again since he's back in Tignes after the weekend in Budapest.

The plan for today is to go dress shopping and tomorrow I'm getting a haircut!

Also ha…


Made it back to Sweden on Thursday night and have spent the weekend in Torekov seeing my family. It was great to get to see my parents, my aunt & uncle and my sister and two of my nephews. With two little ones there's been a lot of play! On the way back to Falköping we took a detour to go see my twin brother in Oskarshamn and have now finally made it back to Falköping. Not got tons of plans for the week yet but seeing a few friends, visiting the dentist and going shopping will be part of it...

First hike

Megan and I did our first hike for the "summer" this Monday. We took the trail down to Les Boisses and then walked the road back up. We had to cross a few patches of snow here and there but most of it was clear and it was really warm, (managed to get a bit of sunburn on my back) as opposed to today when it's actually snowing again. Crazy weather - the last photo is from this morning with the snow.

8th of May - the video

So here, finally, the 8th of May video. Had some trouble putting it together because of various reasons but at least now it makes sense even though it could probably be a lot nicer if I just had a proper program to do it with, but anyway. Here it goes.

Hibernating skis and snowboards

Since the lifts are now shut it was time to hibernate the skis and boards, at least for a month until the glacier opens - and some until next winter. So I got all of the skis and boards I could easily find from our different storage areas, I suspect there's at least a few more in some other caves...hmm. and have waxed them all, including Megan's skis as well. The hardest ones are always the cross country skis though because you have to get the grip tape off which means a lot of scraping and using a wax dissolving liquid, but at least all of these are now done!! Here's a pic from the hallway from earlier when most of the material was out.

Last day of the season

Today was the last day of the winter season here in Tignes and we had to go skiing of course, just because you can, and to be honest, the snow is still great. Megan and I headed out quite early as I still seem to wake up really early without an alarm! We started by heading up the funi and did a few runs on the glacier before heading down to test out the other slopes - it's not often you can ski in Le Lac the last day. So we actually ended up doing the tour of the lake and got some great runs in on nicely pisted spring snow. We were basically on our own skiing and even had the pisteurs cheering us on as we passed them =) Megan had her camera with so we ended up filming a bit to make a movie from the last day, but for now, here's a photo!

Hintertux and BSI2

So last week was spent in Hintertux with the Danish Ski School doing the BSI2 course. I got on the course with people who had tried it once already as I already had the teaching exam with my conversion from the Norwegian instructing courses. So it was nice to get more time training for the technical exam and the ski school turns and then I also had to do the theoretical exam. It was a good week in Hintertux despite having one day with too much wind where we could't even get up the hill but otherwise good training, fun people and stayed in a nice hotel - same as last year. 
On the Friday we had the technical exam and I was really happy to go through, and also later found out that I had the best tech run out of all of the BSI2 people which was an extra boost. So after that it was time for the theoretical exam which I also did really well on so pleased with that. Saturday was then the last day and we were up doing the ski school turns - open parallel, parallel and then the third one …