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Eye of the needle

Went for a hike this morning with Megan, Stevo and Freddie the dog. We walked up past chaudannes and then up to the eye of the needle. Really nice walk, I found a temporary walking stick that I used for a while as it made going up through the snow easier and the walk down was really easy. Now it's of yo work for a few hours.

Bye bye Christmas trees

Ross actually agreed to get rid of the 2 Christmas trees we've had on our balcony for now a year and a half and so they were tossed off of the balcony to get picked up and taken to the déchetterie. They almost looked as though they were growing when I'd thrown them off. So now our balcony is completely clear.Anyway, off for a short hike now.

Sassiere to Val hike

This hike needed a bit off planning as the end wasn't where we started so we parked cars in Val first and then drove up to the other dam to start the hike. We hit some snow and some slippery gravel but it was quite an easy hike all in all. There were 7 of us in total and we all had a good time. We had lunch up there as well, just before our descent into Val and then to finish it off we went to the terrachu for ice cream. A good last day before work starts for the season tomorrow.


Just started preparing our midsummer dinner, luckily I got the last strawberries at spar, wouldn't be proper midsummer without them!


Today Ross and I started building our very own game of kubb. From now on I will take all credit or blame for how it turns out though as Ross isn't quite agreeing with my not so detailed approach to it. Apparently we didn't have the right saw today so we haven't gotten that far yet but at least we've started now. Looking forward to great summer evenings playing it. Summer isn't summer without kubb.  For those of you new to the game here's an explanation.

Surprise package

Just got a surprise package from my amazing friend Neta. Guess what I'm going to spend the rest of my free time doing today...

Sassiere hike

Went for a short hike near the sassiere this afternoon, lovely weather and fantastic views. A longer hike all the way to Val is planned for the next outing.


As I've now got my laptop up and running again it means I can play around in photoshop and yesterday I started a new hybrid animal - the elephant-lizard with an eagle eye. Here's how far I've gotten to now, not quite there yet but it's starting to look ok. Here's a snapshot of my screen.... Images used are my own and some from morguefile, which is a great webpage with free photos.

Going to leave it for a bit now to get some more inspiration and a break from looking at a screen. The weather is gorgeous today so we've got plans for a hike near Sassière this aftetnoon.

Weekend in Tuscany

Ross and I came back from Italy late last night after having spent the past 4 days in Lucca for Richard and Sarah's wedding. We had a great time with good company and some nice weather. Wishing them all the best in their future life together. I shall hopefully post some more later when I've figured out how to rebranch all the cables. And since Ross has successfully put my laptop together again I'm going to wipe it and reinstall everything in the hope of making it a bit faster again. For now I'm busy sorting, cleaning, washing and doing other house elf activities. At least the weather isn't tempting me to go outside, it's snowing/raining, so I should get lots done!


Tonight's dinner was chicken in a tomato and curry sauce, which was really good.

Here's the recipe that I found on Tasteline, and have changed a little bit.

Oven 180C

2,5 dl cream
2tsp tomato puree
1 cube of beef stock (probably should've used chicken stock but didn't have any)
2tsp hot curry powder
2 chicken breast - cut up.

Mix the sauce in an oven dish and put the chicken bits in it. Bake in oven at 180C for about 50min, serve with sticky rice.

No picture unfortunately as it all got eaten too quickly! Ross has admitted to this being one of the top 10 things I've ever cooked so try it!

Mobile blogging

This is the first post from my new phone, a Sony Xperia s! Exciting to have a new phone with lots of apps and functions!

Vallon de la Sache

This weekend we'd decided on heading down the Sache and we had a great time even if Ross and I weren't feeling great because of the night before. Mike came over from Val and despite none of us having done this route before we managed quite well. Next time we're definitely bringing more gear just to make things easier though. We went down next to and in some of the smaller waterfalls and in the end we scrambled up the side to get to the piste and down to Brévières.
After having spent about 6,5h in the Sache we decided on heading to Italy for dinner and ended up in a restaurant in La Thuile, just on the other side of the Petit St Bernard pass. There's not much that beats Italian pizza and gelato.