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Glacier opening

I did sleep in a bit this morning and wasn't at the funi hours ago when it really opened but figured today is more about getting my skiing legs back after a month's break and not about hours of training - which is what the 2 coming weeks before Hintertux is going to be.
Raining in top but better snow conditions than this summer.

Pretty morning


Minced meat temptation

It doesn't sound as delicious translated into English as it really is. The Swedish name färsfrestelse is a bit nicer. Anyway, that is what I cooked for the first time last night and that is what we'll be having today as well as there was quite a lot left over. This used to be one of my favorite things that we got served for school lunch and I don't think I've had it since...

Anyway, here's the recipe I used, from
translated into English.

Oh, and I didn't have any mustard so just skipped that. Minced meat and potato amount cut in half but used not the ingredients for the sauce as I think these things go quite dry easily. And I added bread crumbs on top to make it crispy, as cheese is not very accepted by the other part of the household.

5 average sized potatoes
1 onion
200g minced meat
1dl beef stock
2,5dl cream
1-2 tbs mustard
2 tbs soy
1tsp salt
1 dash of black pepper

Peel potatoes and onio…

Golf with Ross

Went out to play a few holes today and Ross came with. And he said he'll consider doing it again. Maybe have to get him men's clubs, and leftie ones for next time though :-)

Creative Colours webpage

Finally finished with the website I've created for my french registered graphic design/image creation company.
So please visit Creative Colours | Linda Stridh | Graphic Design and Image Creation 
Click on the link above or on the top menu bar button to get to the site.

One piece

And as promised, here's a photo of my new favorite piece of clothing - my one piece! What do you think?

Banana cream pie

I felt like baking something tonight and because the fruit has started to look like it's past its best days fresh I ended up with a recipe for banana cream pie. The recipe used was from tasteline, and I'm glad I halved it because the pie is very rich! I haven't had it since I was in the US and it didn't quite taste the same, but still really good. Lots left though! Anyone for pie tomorrow?

Balance board

So I've now finally gotten to try out my balance board. I've used them before in physio but this is a bit different, as I'm using it for harder exercises. It'll be interesting to explore all the things I can do with it.


Yesterday was the last day with the parents. Ross did the airport drop off and I got to play 8 holes of golf with my parents before they needed to start their drive back. They'd started taking the flags out but we could still play and the weather was great. We stayed in the chalet last night as well so that we can clean it out today, just sorting out washing and cleaning out all the stuff now.


We all got in to the cars this morning to go down to Annecy for the day. It was snowing in Val d'Isere when we left but as we got further down it got sunny and warm. We walked around the old town, had crepes and ice cream, and did a little bit of shopping. It's nice to get away from resort a bit before the winter starts again and you go back in to the "bubble"

Parent Week

Living in the other side of the mountain for this week as the two sets of parents are here. So far we've been out for some shorter walks, been up to the col de l'iseran and yesterday we were over in Italy and spent the day at the pre saint Didier spa, which was just as nice as last year, and it was not quite as busy so it was good. And my parents brought a one piece and a balance board for me from my sister, so very happy about that too of course. Pictures will come soon!

Eye of the needle

Went out for a hike this afternoon after finishing work. Mike came over from Val to join me and we decided go up the eye of the needle. I've done it once before this summer, when there was still some snow, so was a bit different this time. Great to get out for a bit and despite scratching my fingers a bit as I slipped on the way down, a successful hike and afternoon. Going to sleep well tonight!


Interseason has arrived and tignes is quiet again, apart from all the people doing building work of course. I've started my new/old job this week, managing bookings for two apartment hotels and the maintenance before winter. Although it would be nice with some time off it's good to have a job ( not many around this time of year) and I can basically decide my own hours as long as I ger the job done. Also looking forward to this weekend when my parents and Ross' parents are coming here to visit us and to meet each other.

This evening


More snow

Had my alarm set early today hoping to go skiing but lifts are closer because of strong wind... Really wanted to go up today, especially since I woke up to snow on the ground! Hoping it'll be open tomorrow as it is the last day before it shuts until the "winter" season (29Sept to 12May)