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On the way to the UK

Finished my last day at work yesterday and then we quickly got in the car to start the trip to the UK. Drove all night yesterday and then got a hotel at 3am for a few hours of proper sleep and now we're in the queue, waiting to board the ferry to Dover. Plan for the day is to go to the ski show in London before heading towards Birmingham. Really looking forward to the ski show as Neta is going to be there representing Norway :-)


Just back home from my physio session, and I got to go in the bike - without resistance but still, its progress :-) Tomorrow is my last day at work and then were leaving for the UK.

Flights booked

Booked flights last night, had randomly searched to see at about what price they were and found a very cheap return flight to Copenhagen, of course adding a bag made it a little bit more but still about half price of what it normally is, apparently you should book these things 16 days in advance! Going to Sweden from the 14th to the 28th of November, 2 weeks, as a pre-season holiday. And I'll almost be home for my birthday so might even try to organise something with my twin brother, we've noy celebrated together for years ( probably mainly because of me living abroad) 
Really looking forward to seeing everyone!

Vegan muffins and essay writing

Today's my first day off this week, but it's been a good one, been very efficient, it did help getting 1h of extra sleep and still getting up at a reasonable time because of the change to winter time.
Started out having breakfast whilst watching the men's gs race, then running the breadmaker, dishwasher and washing machine at the same time - triple efficiency!
I've also managed to finish my essay, 14 pages on sustainable tourism and bake vegan muffins. We haven't done a food shop in a while so had no eggs, but apparently you can still make quite tasty muffins!Since it's the weekend I've had a break from physio but I've practiced my walk and bending the knee so hoping to get to go on the bike tomorrow. It's been snowing since last night so really want to get back on my skis asap...

The knee report

I've had 4 sessions of physio week and feel that I'm making some progress, movement is getting better and on my third session we started training the leg muscle as well, and my walk is getting better too. I'm now allowed to walk in the house without a knee brace. Quite a long way from Monday morning's full leg cast... I've also just finished the anti-inflammatories so will see how the knee will deal with more activity now.

Started physiotherapy

Started physiotherapy yesterday and going again today. Feels good to have started and getting to walk a bit again.. I'll give more of an update when I know more about timings ans whatnot.


Went to see the local doctor in Tignes today and very happy with the results, he, like me, thought a full cast was just outrageous and cut it off, prescribed me a new knee brace, im up to 5 in my collection of supports and braces now, as well as physiotherapy that I'm supposed to start right away, so going to try to sort that tomorrow. Will see what physio says but if I don't have to wait 3 weeks to start then you'd think that recovery could be a bit quicker too...

Hintertux pics

And here are some pics from the week

Not quite the week in Hintertux I expected

So, had a good start of the week and passed the teaching exam Thursday, but then unfortunately on the Friday I managed to dislocate my kneecap whilst warming up for the exam in the bumps. Got taken down with piste basher and lifts and got to see a doctor. Much to my surprise they put my leg in a full cast - from thigh to foot. But I did at least pass my video analysis and theoretical exam in the evening, so only the technical left, but still a bit frustrating considering I had hoped to get it done. Afterwards it's been a bit of a struggle as the insurance company messed up flights and I ended up returning in the car... This morning's adventures included putting cling film on my whole leg to finally shower and now I have to wait til tomorrow to ser what's going to happen with the cast anf everything. I'm of course hoping it'll come off and maybe to get a knee brace instead...

Battle born

Got the killers album down in bourg today, time to learn all songs properly before the concert in Nov!

The killers

So excited! My very thoughtful boyfriend have been looking out for killers concerts we can go to and we got tickets today for when they play in Birmingham on the 1st of November, so right after I finish my job contract here.. Yay! Super happy now :-D

Contact lenses

Was down in bourg this pm to see the opticien to try out contact lenses for the first time. It's a really strange feeling having something on your eye and they did have to come out as I got baco up to Tignes and felt a bit nauseated even, who knew that would happen? Suffice to say we're not quite friends yet but I've got a few days to try and then to decide with the optician if this is the way to go. Now it's off to bed as I'm going skiing in the morning before work.

Sunny on the motte

Great conditions on the glacier today, sunny, fresh weather and hard packed snow. Tignes showing itself from its good side