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Went to see the hairdresser here today to get a haircut and some new highlights, haven't cut my hair aibcee may so it was overdue. You can't even tell they cut off 5cm.. Anyway, here's the result

Fischer Hybrid Tester

Just got an email from Fischer saying that I've been chosen to test the new Hybrid ski, this is the thing I signed up for on facebook a while back and was trying to get votes for and it paid off - Very excited to get to test some new skis this season! I've sent them the details they needed back so waiting for more information on the testing process and where to get the skis from now.

Sweden update

I've not been very active posting here since I got to Sweden, but that's probably a good thing, doing some other stuff instead. I've so far seen friends and have been with my mother for some birthday shopping, for myself. It does mean that I won't be surprised on the day but I'm getting some new gear (I'll tell you later when I actually get the stuff) and other things that I really want so it'll be nice, and getting to actually celebrate with almost all of my family at the same time hasn't happened for a long time, so really looking forward to it! The gingerbread biscuit making has been rescheduled and I can therefore bring some back to Tignes with me which is really nice, and we've been testing new glögg flavours to see if there is any that I would like to bring back with me. And I got some Christmas decorations - Ross already thinks I'm going a bit crazy but I don't think that he's still realized how Swedes decorate their houses befor…

Being a Danish ski instructor

Just saw this video, about the Danish ski instructing courses. The footage is from the course in the spring when I got my BSI2 and my group is featured in the start of the video =) Video is from

Arrived in Sweden

Flight to Copenhagen this morning was really quick and then got in the car with my dad and drove to Sweden and home, right now enjoying a fire and the early evening (that started around 16). Don't have a lot of plans yet but trying to persuade my dad to reschedule the gingerbread biscuit making so that it's when I'm still here.

Billy's vanilla vanilla cupcakes

So had a few things to do today as I'm going back to Sweden to visit family and friends tomorrow, but I did have time to make cupcakes, found this recipe on the Martha stewart website, there's some good stuff on it, and because of the name I couldn't resist!

Christmas decorations

Tignes has once again managed to choose even uglier Christmas decorations than last year, this year they look like those Russian wooden dolls that you can take apart...

Banana cypcakes with honey cinnamon frosting

Felt like baking today and found this recipe from Martha Stewart. Delicious! Will maybe use a little bit less cinnamon next time, a bit too cinnamonny for me but so easy to do so will be doing variations of this!

Cross country

First cross country skiing for the season, only did one short lap around the golf course to try if it worked with the knee and it wasn't too bad, but not great in the climbs where you'd normally want to go out with the skis.. It was good to try though, and hopefully when I'm back from Sweden at the end of Nov the tracks should be better too.

Highland cattle

Really felt like doing some photoshopping today and with some inspiration from a course I've taken before, I decided to go for "Highland cattle" the name was just too good, so I had to do it, even though it was an easy job of changing blending modes and some painting. Can you see the second element that I added? The first one is pretty obvious and is supposedly the "unofficial" flag of the Scottish highlands. Does anyone know if it actually is? Ross didn't know. I would also like it noted that the photo was taken in Scotland last year, so it's all Scottish this time.

Fisher hybrid skis

Signed up for this thing on facebook where I've got a chance to try some Fischer skis this winter so figured it couldn't hurt to share it here as well. The thing is you need people voting for you to get to try the skis so if you have facebook, and the time, I would really appreciate it if you voted for me on Fischer Hybrid - Linda Stridh

And some even more positive news from the physio

Today I got to start doing more proper stuff, biking and balance board and some massage. The best thing is that I will hopefully get to try skiing this weekend - maybe only for half an hour or so, but really happy about it. Also not to wear knee brace normally but only when doing sports! In other positive news, I finally went to get my second pair of test contact lenses yesterday and put them in this morning, noy worn them for long but I can tell they're already less noticeable and therefore better than the first pair.


Just had physio and more progress has been made, got to start biking with resistance and will get to start proper muscle training with balance board and stuff on Wednesday. Very happy that I can feel a constant progress, it really helps with the motivation for the winter.

The Killers

Last night it was time for the killers concert at the NEC arena in Birmingham. Really good concert, we were at the lowest seats so no one in front which was really good once it got going a bit and people started standing up. The show was a good mix of songs from the new album and the hits from the older ones. Brought back some memories from the NY concert in 2007. So happy that Ross has been looking out for concert dates, because he knows how much I've been wanting to go see them again, and that we were able to fit it in in our tight schedule.

London ski show

Yesterday we went to the ski show in London, Ross was there for work but I had some time to just walk around and look at things, they even had real penguins and st Bernard dogs, you could try curling, roller skis and lots more. Got to see a few people I know so it was a good afternoon.
Beitostølen also had a stand so I got to see Neta and TH and we went out for dinner at a Thai place after as well. Really good food and great to catch up.