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Great views today


The hobbit

Just finished the hobbit, the book, and I quite liked it, same style of course as the lord of the rings but more concise. Now I just have to find a cinema that shows the original version of the film and not the French dubbed one...

And some christmas pics


GoPro and Fischer Hybrid first day out

Went out skiing today to try my new Fischer Hybrid skis as well as my new GoPro. As I've not yet got the chesty harness from it I've put a helmet mount on my old helmet (do not want to ruin the new one) and went out for a bit with Ben.
I used the skis in the rocker mode today because the snow was really heavy and it was getting a bit bumpy and they seem really good. I need to try them on hardpacked piste as well to get a good idea of their versatility though. The camera is getting some good video and hopefully it'll get to come out for some off piste skiing soon as well (once my knee is better and the snowpack is more stable).


Swedish Christmas was celebrated yesterday and we had a nice lunch/dinner followed by Donald duck, and Christmas presents. I must have been very nice this year as I got very nice presents. Thank you Ross, Ben, my parents, Ross parents and grandma.
Can't wait to try it all! 
And I got to pick up my new Fischer skis today - like a bonus present!

Merry christmas

Swedish Christmas starts today so I had some things to do last night in order to get a proper Christmas breakfast today, baking vörtbröd - a bread made with spices and beer, and baking the Christmas ham. I did get it all ready and today I had a proper Christmas breakfast which included normal breakfast and a sandwich with vörtbröd anf Christmas ham while watching the last Christmas calender episode on svt play.

The early bird catches the worm, or wake up early and get powder snow

So, I got up quite early and headed out skiing and joined all the people going up towards the glacier, for reasons unknown, no one decided to go over to the vanoise side and I got fresh tracks (on the slope) in nice 20cm powder! Since I'm not doing proper off piste yet because of my knee this was a great substitute, and then I got to practice leaving my skis in the fall line and working with acceleration and deceleration as I went in and out of soft snow. This may have been the best morning so far this season. Started my work weekend today and then it's Christmas! Very excited!

Swedish meatballs

So to prepare for Christmas on Monday it was time to make the meatballs, with my dad's recipe of course. I think almost every family in Sweden have their own recipe... And since my friend Kate went to Ikea last week I got a Christmas ham as well, just need to be defrosted and baked! Bring on Christmas - and this will be the first year in ages that I'm not working as well :-)


So this week I've been skiing and been to the gym to keep training for the re-exam that I hope to get and just to get my knee back in order as well of course. Tons of snow here at the moment, we had one day of nice weather, yesterday, and now it's back to snowing again!


Ross brought back a tree the other day and even though it is a little bit early it has now been put up and decorated.

Gingerbread house

Put together the gingerbread house I got at IKEA some time ago, Ross decorated with smarties as I spritzed on the frosting. The house even came with your standard Ikea how to build manual, which I of course did not use, being an experienced gingerbread house builder ;-)

The fingers

A photo taken with my new lens.

St Lucia

Woke up this morning and watched the Lucia show on Svt Play followed by a nice breakfast including both "lussekatter" (saffron buns) and pepparkakor (gingerbread biscuits) before heading out skiing.

Cold day out skiing

Had a good ski today, great snow and Ben's first day out. It was really cold though so time to head back was when my nose started going white... Hope the rest of the season will continue in the same way.

First Ski of the Season

First ski for this winter season, and first ski since knee cap dislocation. Only did a few runs on piste but knee seems ok which is the most important thing. First weekend at work has also been done and the Spanish that have been taking over Tignes for the past week are leaving. Also got to try my new helmet, thanks mom and dad (birthday present) and very happy with it.


Been back in tignes for a few days now and looking forward to starting skiing again, went to see the physio today and everything seems to be on track. Just need to get my work contract so I can get ski and gym pass. It's dumping at the moment about 10 snow plows have gone past the past 5 mins. Looks like it's going to be a good season!