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Morning moguls and an excellent idea

I'm slowly making friends with the moguls, I quite enjoy smaller ones and am not afraid of big ones anymore, so definitely a step forward from avoiding anything that looks like a bump. I also tried out a new idea I had with an old invention - using an old lift pass holder to keep my phone attached to my ski jacket at all times. It works great! And had a nice lunch at le coffee with Steph and Gaël. So all in all a good day!

Fresh orange juice

There aren't many things that beat freshly squeezed orange juice and when Ross brought home a box of oranges the juicer had to come out ( please note that it's not been out since we tried it in Sweden after having bought it). The juice is amazing but it is hard work!

Mickey's ears video


Mickey's ears

Today was Ben's surprise birthday gift - An off piste excursion followed by a helicopter pick up. As always a bit of a sketchy walk getting up there and not great conditions in the couloir but good snow as we got down a bit further and we've now with 3/5 people with gopro cameras got tons of footage to edit and put together!
Here are some pics for now, (the edit may take a while) It doesn't get much better than this!

The hobbit

Almost forgot, we went to see the hobbit on tuesday night, as the tignes cinema, finally, after 3 weeks had received the English audio file. It did mean that when they spoke elvish and orc, it was still only subtitled in French, but it was great to finally get to see it!

First video edit from the chesty footage


Schuss night session video


Day out

Started with some skiing in the morning, trying out my new chesty harness for my gopro. Video to follow! Had a bit of a crash - but at least now we know that the gopro shell really is waterproof! This was followed by lunch and some cross country skiing. They've actually got alright tracks on a small circuit on the lake now. Only did 2 laps as I haven't done any in a long time but will definitely try to get out more often now that I know that the tracks are alright.

Schuss night session

Helped build a kicker behind the Schuss the other night and did some gopro filming - interesting to see how it turns out - only had a floodlight as light source.

Gopro chesty

Finally have the gopro chesty, guess what's coming out to play next week!

Another cold day

The temperature hasn't changed since yesterday, the vents above our windows have frost on them (inside) and the snow glitters in the air, really pretty. It's like a thin cloud of snow in the air. I put on lots and lots of layers today, felt like a Michelin man but got a good few hours of skiing today before getting cold. So did better than yesterday.

Frozen but clear ski

Maybe a funny headline for today's blog post but here's the explanation; got my contact lenses this morning and haven't skied with them before. It does make quite a difference and I'm hoping it'll make an even bigger difference when the weather is bad. Skiing today was good but it was freezing cold! According to snow forecast -33 with wind chill!


Of course some more skiing this week, yesterday with Gaël and today with Andy. Less people around this week so have got some good on piste runs with proper gs turns.

New sunnies

Couldn't resist gettinf these today, purple and blue frame...

Skiing with Liz

Got to go out skiing with Liz today and had a great morning followed by this season's first Loop lunch and some more pistes before heading to work.

4 corners

I was out skiing for quite some time today as I'd decided to do the four corners of the ski area.
Val d'Isère - La Daille, Glacier de Pissaillas, Glacier de Grande Motte and Tignes Les Brevières.
I took a photo in each corner as I arrived and got some really good skiing in, and I tested my hybrids in both piste and rocker mode. TEST RESULTS. Now just waiting for Liz to arrive and then we'll see what happens!

2012 and 2013

So what's happened in 2012?

I prefer to think back positively and will not go into details about the bad stuff - it's much nicer of thinking about your accomplishments and other fun experiences!

In the winter I managed to pass both my PSI1 and then my BSI2.
I skied tons including in the summer.
Ross and I celebrated two years together.
I tried mountainbiking for the first time.
I hiked lots and lots.
My parents got to meet Ross' parents.
I started creative colours - my own little company.
I (finally) managed to see the Killers in concert again.
I was home for the gingerbread biscuit baking.
I got to celebrate my birthday with my family (only days before my actual birthday).
I got back on skis quickly after knee injuries.
I had christmas off from work as well as new years! (which hasn't happened in years)

So what am I hoping for in 2013
 - these are not new years resolutions but some goals that I have worked on for some time and that I hope to attain during this year.