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Empty dam

Went with Ross to Val today and we took the time to stop by the dam and have a proper look. They've basically emptied the dam and are now working on it, no one seems to know quite what work is being done but it seems that it is fairly urgent as they're not waiting til interseason to do it.
It looks like you can now so the Tovière to chevril without the helicopter pick up as the bridge is no longer covered by water! On the to do list for this season! Have to have a look at old photos to see where old Tignes used to be.

Ross bday

We went out to dinner yesterday to celebrate Gabriele 's and Ross' birthdays. Had a nice dinner at st Jacques followed by drinks at the studio. Had a lie in this morning followed by present opening and there will be some cake later on - I've done a lemon cake with marshmallow frosting for the first time...

Fixed sorels

So my sorel boots started taking in water last season as the sole had cracked a little bit, but I haven't gotten around to throwing them out which was lucky as I had a great idea yesterday - glue! I put contact glue in all the cracks and let it dry. And the test yesterday was spending about 2h out by the halfpipe to watch the sfr tour finals and my feet stayed completely dry :-) might do another layer of glue but looks like this might work for a bit!

X games plans

Got some good news today - confirmation I'm getting to work with the x games organization! Very happy about that! This will be the first year that I'll actually work for the proper organization and not for another company like I've done before, so will probably be a bit different but looking forward to it!

Powder hounds

Skied with Gaël and Gabriele this morning and had some good runs, did Fresse, north face of the Grande balme, telephone, p7 and telegraph x2. Good conditions overall and we managed to sniff out some really nice powder. Had the gopro with me so a video edit will follow shortly! And finished the day off with a nice lunch at the Loop bar in the sun.

Fettisdagen / semledagen / pancake day

Today it's fettisdagen in Sweden, which is pancake day everywhere else... But since we eat pancakes other days as well I figures I'd make semlor instead. After coming home from today's skiing, I set the breadmaker to make the dough for me. Unfortunately I couldn't find cardamom, but I put some cinnamon in instead. Simetimes you have to improvise! (I also always use jam instead of marsipan/almond paste - today's version was made with raspberry) and here's the end result!

Morning ski

Weather finally cleared up today and we got some sun and good snow. Got a couple of good runs down telephone, telegraph and the run down to Aimé's house so very happy with that.

Some good and some sketchy snow

After having accidentally overslept this morning and gotten ready to ski in 20 mins, it was time to look for some powder. Instead of starting with the bus stop run, which was the original plan we made the good decision to do the run down to Aimé's house - and got first tracks! We wanted to try some other runs too but the top layer was just too unstable for us to want to give it a go - sometimes you have to be sensible!
Gabriele and I both managed to set off some small avalanches - snow slides and decided it was not a good idea.So, in the end we just did two more runs down to Aimé's house as it had stable snow, (and we got second and third tracks in nice powder snow). After that and another two bus rides back to the lift, we called it a day and went for Italian lunch at the jam bar. Good day skiing and it's nice to be at home again knowing that we stayed sensible and on the safe side.
Hope everyone else is being careful out there!