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A little treat before the end of the season

Treated myself to some new ski pants today. The old ones are starting to fall apart and I had a voucher to use so I just spent 15 € for a new pair - pretty good deal. The color looks a bit different in the photo, they're more of a dark purple than blue.
I also tested sizes for the ski uniform I'll wear next year with 333  :-) can't wait! Only 12 days left of this season now and it's been raining the past few days so I'm quite ready now for interseason. But I'm still hoping for one or 2 more days of skiing first though.

American pancakes and a trip to IKEA

Started yesterday with bread and butter American pancakes with cinnamon butter on top. Soo good! And then it was time to head to Lyon for Gabriele's pre-op appointment and for IKEA. Got some small things and a new bed, as the old one has been broken for quite some time and is not worth fixing. This also meant lunch at IKEA of course we had meatballs and lingonberry jam, and lingonberry soda :-)The bed has been put together today and the old one is going out together with some other old stuff that was being stored underneath it. Hopefully we'll sleep even better now with a bed that doesn't have a dip in the middle!

Return of the sun

I think a lot of people were happy too wake up to a sunny morning, me on the other hand, I had hoped for another day of snow and for it to clear up for tomorrow instead as I'm working all day today. So I guess I'm just going to have to wait for another snowfall to get another powder day. There's usually one at the start or May. Fingers crossed. Now it's time for brunch/lunch!

A week in the sun

My parents managed to book their holiday in perfectly, they arrived and brought the good weather with them and it stayed sunny until the morning after they left. It's now snowed almost constantly since friday morning and i wouldn't be surprised if we got more than a meter of snow in total... Hoping for some good skiing next week since the weather is supposed to clear up a bit again from Monday.

Avalanche activity

Spring has finally reached Tignes, just as my parents got here, with warmer weather and sunshine. But it's also meant that the snow has started to slide and they've been blasting a lot as well. The Tignes road was blocked for some time today too, just like it was last year, but it appears to be only snow this year and not rocks as well, which is good and the road is now open again. The pics underneath are my own as well as from the Tignes region facebook page to better show you what I'm talking about.

Visit from home

Picked up my parents in Geneva yesterday and had a great morning skiing today, even a bit of powder... Hoping for better weather for the coming week, feels like it's been snowing here since February.

At least we tried

Went out skiing this morning, it looked ok outside of the window as I was eating breakfast but as I was getting ready to head out it had gone all white and started snowing again. Figured we should still try to see if we could get some decent snow in and had two proper runs. Nice snow on top but very choppy underneath and not being able to see if we were skiing up or down cut the day short. Hopefully we'll get some more off piste in before end of season, and it certainly looks like it with all the snow we're still getting!


Got my personal planner from and it's just the way I wanted :-) Time to get organized!

Baking (also known as procrastination)

Snowing here in Tignes again today so decided the day was best spent studying, and I've gotten quite a bit done, but I've also gotten a lot of cooking and baking in. I tend to do these things, or even clean when I can't quite motivate myself to study. So it meant that I today got pancakes for lunch, a great salmon, sweet potato and carrot stew for dinner, mini cheesecake for dessert and homemade fudge as a little treat. Very productive day, and happy with the progress in the study department as well. Hoping for clearer weather tomorrow and some skiing!

Study update

Been quite busy on the study front lately, had an essay with a deadline on Friday and started two new courses in graphic design last Monday. At least since I don't have to spend as much time ski training at the moment I can focus a bit more on the studies...

1st of April

Firstly, I didn't actually fool anyone yesterday - I usually do something but since I've been quite busy the past few weeks I really didn't feel I had the time to plan something proper. Instead I spent the day skiing (just for fun), studying and then we went out to see the full moon freeride in the tufs couloirs or the fingers as they are known.  The tiny bright spot is a skier! This morning has been dedicated to admin stuff and I have also placed my very first online super u (food shopping) order for Ross to pick up this afternoon. Not entirely convinced about the efficiency - I spent a lot of time looking for the product I wanted whereas in the store I know where it is...
In other 'anti-technology' news I've also ordered myself a personalized calender as it's too hard keeping track of essays, reading lists and what not on a phone..
Paper vs screen 1 - 0