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The first few days back home

So, got back on 2am saturday night/sunday morning from Oslo and it's been quite a busy few days since then. A bit of shopping on Sunday - I desperately needed socks. Taking care of two of my nephews - who won't stop moving around while they're awake, which is fun but also meant no free time to study. Visiting one of my friends and her little twins and then working on my study assignments. Got two of them due this week, one of which I've sent in today after a solid 5,5hours of work. The other one is coming along as well, but I think I've done enough for today to take the evening off and save some energy for tomorrow.
By chance I tried researching again on how to get library books on my kindle and it appears there may now be a solution, so will try it. Although I probably shouldn't start reading anything too interesting before I've finished my course work!

A stort unplanned stop

Arrived at Heathrow yesterday morning and it turned out flights were cancelled due to an incident with a plane so after a lot of queuing I ended up with a paper to rebook flight and having to find somewhere to stay. Went out to Cold ash to stay with some of Ross' family and finally got a confirmed spot in a flight today, but to Oslo instead of Gothenburg, so a bit longer transfer after...
I've made the best od the situation though and had a nice evening here, got to try haggis for the first time and went on a nice bike ride this morning with Ross' uncle Andy. Now it's time for some lunch and then I'll be off to the airport for a second attempt at flying home.


After a long day driving yesterday we slept for a few hours outside Calais before catching the eurotunnel train this morning, my first time! Now in the UK and heading for Heathrow.

And 869 coins later...

You would think that most banks these days would have coin counting machines, apparently Tignes decided not to. But the bank at least hands out little plastic containers so that you can more easily count them yourself. And that's what I did with our coin jar this afternoon. 869 coins adding up to a total of 22,22€.

First osteo session

Been to my first osteo session today, it's with the same guy that's done my physio before. I wasn't quite sure before what to expext and I feel a bit weird now after, but apparently that is to be expected for the next few days and up to a week. He's moved around everything in my stomach and then cracked everything from my feet, my thumbs to my back. I do feel more relaxed now though and have been advised to come back in the summer for a second session, just to line my body up properly and try to get rid of my neck/ back problems. I'll give you an update in a few days on the progress.

And interseason begins

Finished work on Sunday which was also the last day of the season in Tignes. It's been a really good season where I've accomplished the one thing that was really important for me - passing my PSI3 exam which makes me qualified to teach in France for next season. We've had lots of snow and some good skiing, less good weather but hopefully the summer will make up for it!
Plan is now to stay here for another 2 weeks and then go on to visit family and friends before coming back here for the summer. This week is mainly dedicated to writing my tourism studies essay but everyone needs breaks.. Today's morning break was dedicated to egg testing - we'd gotten some left over eggs for the end of the season and the best before date had already passed so we found 3 ways to test if an egg was bad. I think we threw out about 30% of the eggs but the rest seemed good.
Here's what you do:

Method 1, the float test: sink the egg in cold water. If it sinks and stays horizontal it&#…

Last week of the season

Not many updates lately since I've been working full time the past week and will do so this week as well. The season is really coming to an end now, slopes and shops are closing and there's no one around town. Quite looking forward to interseason now and some time away!

Morning ski

Had to go out for a ski this morning since the sun was out - it feels like it's just been raining for days. Some good snow and some bad. Didn't stay out for very long because of the cold I managed to get last week. Hoping to feel a bit better soon and get at least another day's skiing in before the end of the season.