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Harry Potter: the prequel

Just found this online and have now of course downloaded it to my kindle!
If anyone else is interested I found it here

A very short read, but anything named Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling has to be read...

Rye bread

Think I've finally found the rye bread recipe and method combination I've been looking for, slight modification of the normal bread roll recipe for the bread maker and instead of making rolls, flattening them out to 'cakes' and using fork to make small holes all over. Yum!
A new favorite!

Col se Fresse & Tovière

Went for my first proper hike this afternoon, went up col de Fresse and then back around the Tovière and back down to Tignes via the lavachet wall. Took about 3h but well worth it! So pretty in the mountains now, I must have seen at least 20-30 different kinds of flowers.

Screen on the green

Tonight we went to TC's / SoBar's screen on the green - outdoor cinema. Deck chairs and blankets, drinks and sweet and salty popcorns! Great night out, the movie was called black dynamite, nothing serious which was perfect and we got to vote for next week's film. Think I might bring a sleeping bag next time for warmth though - it seemed like just the right thing to keep warm and toasty!

Tonight's dinner

Decided to try something new tonight and made stuffed peppers. To Ross' disappointment they had no meat so he was a bit sceptical at first but the verdict afterwards was: delicious, but would have been exquisite with some minced meat inside. The filling today was couscous, lentils, carrot, tomato pure, curry powder, salt and pepper. Very happy with the result considering the first two I often find a bit bland.. Will definitely make some variations of this in the future! Yum!

Morning in Edinburgh

On Saturday morning we got dropped off in Edinburgh, we went for a walk around, found this little shop that sold funny star wars t-shirts (!) and then we hopped on a tour bus to see a bit more of the town before heading out to the airport.

Kirsty and James' wedding

On Saturday it was time for the wedding. We went up to Alva in the morning and the ceremony, meal and ceilidh took place in Cochrane hall. It was my first ceilidh, which involves traditional Scottish dancing, and it was a lot of fun, even when we couldn't wrap our heads around the steps and moves!  Congratulations Kirsty & James!

Friday night in Edinburgh

After getting in to Edinburgh and finding our airbnb place to stay, we walked into town to see the sights and find somewhere to eat. Ended up in a restaurant/ bar called Tigerlily, where we felt slightly under-dressed but where we  had great cocktails followed by really good food. Can definitely recommend it!

Scottish wedding

We're off to Scotland for the weekend for Ross' cousin Kirsty's wedding. Have now made it to Lyon airport and waiting for our first flight.

Home alone = 'fishballs'

Ross was out for the night so I thought I'd take advantage and have fishballs ( free translation of fiskbullar) for dinner. So I made some home made mashed potatoes to go with, heated up the fishballs and all good to go! Yum! And there's leftovers so guess what I'm having for lunch tomorrow?!  Fishballs are probably one of those Swedish things you either love or hate, and this post probably makes it pretty clear where I stand on the matter.

First work week done

So just finished the first week of work, 1/10. This coming week should be a bit easier as we're now fully staffed and there's more people around, so more to do, meaning less time standing around. Only working 4 days this week but still full-time, will be intensive but it means I've got three days off at the end of the week when we're going to Kirsty and James' wedding in Scotland! Looking forward to a mini break!