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Snow in Sainte Foy

Since temperature is dropping here in Tignes and we're going towards yet another winter I thought it was about time to get some inspiration and (finally) put together a short video of when Ross and I went to Sainte Foy in April.

Col de Fresse hike video

Brought the GoPro with me on Tuesday when we did the Col de Fresse to make at least one summer video, and here it is.

Fruit leather

So, having the afternoon off I'd decided to try to make Fruit leather. Easier said than done. You'd think a recipe only requiring 3 ingredients should be fairly simple, well I still managed to mess it up the first time.
So the recipe called for 4,5 cups of strawberries, 1/2 cup of sugar and 2tbsp of lemon juice. I intended to use half, but still ended up mixing 2,25 cups of raspberries, 1/2 cup of sugar and 2tbsp of lemon juice, in addition to this, I put it in at 170C, when it should have been 75C (=170F)..
Hmm. Having run out of fruit but still wanting to have a second go I drove down to the Spar, got a bag of frozen mixed berries and started over.
All good this time on the ratios but after the 3h in the oven that the recipe had stated, my fruit leather was no where near solid. So it's now been in closer to 6h and seems to be just about done...
It's nice but for the effort put in this time, maybe not worth it. I will try again with other fruit though, and maybe anoth…

First sprinkle of snow

At 2400m this morning. Only 300m more to go! Winter's coming! Top of the Grande Balme this morning.


We'd decided that today was the day to go to Italy and to revisit the spa, terme di pre saint didier, especially since Biggles and Laerke haven't been. We booked the entry for 11am and made it there just on time. As before the favorites were the outside pool, the waterfall, the kneipp and the color/music pool. It was definitely hotter outside than it's been on our previous visit so we could even sit outside and enjoy the sun for a bit. After about 6-7 hours of soaking in thermal water we decided it was time to get some proper Italian food. We ate in a restaurant in La Thuile and the food was great and cheap, as always. I had cheese wrapped in bacon with polenta and fontina for a starter anf then a beef pasta with cinnamon and juniper. For dessert we had to get ice cream, it was 7€ for 8 scoops of gelato!! Crazy! Although my flavor choice wasn't the best, I didn't hear that the woman said in Italy the vanilla is made with (Insert name of some strong alcohol) so coul…


Yesterday afternoon I went for a hike up the Manchet valley with Biggles and Laerke. We walked for about 3h in total and it was a good climb with lunch almost at the top before heading back down. We observed that all frenchies wore hats and had walking sticks. You know the old fashioned kind meaning a stick with a metal spike at the end! We were definitely the odd ones out! All photos are still on my gopro so will have to post them later.
The hike was followed by dinner at the petit sav.

Flights booked

Booked flights last night to go to Sweden at the end of the month. One of my friends from IB is getting married and it seemed like a good occasion to go to Sweden for a bit, especially since I finish work then as well. Ross is coming for the weekend as he's still got work here in Tignes but I'm going for a 8 days, seemed a waste to go for shorter when I don't have to rush back. Looking forward to it!

This is definitely a new one..

Shark found on New York subway

Sesame chicken and raspberry crisp surprise

Having gone down to Bourg to get some food this afternoon I could actually cook something interesting for dinner. As pinterest had lately become a thing to occupy my waiting time, I've found quite a lot of new recipes that I wsnt to try. Tonight's sesame chicken recipe was great and will definitely be cooked again. For dessert I made up a mix of digestive biscuits, crushed frozen raspberries and vanilla yoghurt! A cold treat after a hot day! Sadly no pic. It was too yummy!
Sesame chicken
Cut up chicken, cook with garlic, chili, soy, honey and sesame seeds. I now rarely follow recipes in terms of quantities, I kind of just wing it usually so can't provide exact measurements. Served with sticky rice and a tomato mozzarella sallad on the side.

Afternoon shopping in Bourg

Went down to Bourg st Maurice this afternoon as super u would not let me do an online order with pickup for Ross and the fridge was very empty.. Very hot day today as it turns out, in Tignes at 2100m altitude we were at about 25. In Bourg, around 35!
Had only intended to get food but popped into the sport shop next door and found Nikes for 27€, bargain! so had to get a pair as my current ones are definitely on their last legs.