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Chalkboard Jars

Over the past few days I've managed to do yet another creative project that I had planned on doing for some time since I finally got a hold of the chalkboard paint I wanted last week.
I've been collecting glass jars over the course of the summer and have gotten rid of the paper labels (harder than you think for some jars, especially IKEA ones) so I had 10 good jars. I covered the balcony floor with plastic bags and got dressed in Ross' construction work gear and with a bandana as a breathing mask. I started spraying and it seemed to cover fairly well. So after about 45minutes (jars were dry to touch after about 20mins) I just turned them over to get the bottom done as well. I don't think there's much paint left now though, it says on the spray can that it's supposed to cover 2m2, but maybe one or two.

I left the jars to dry for over 24H, which it says on the can, giving the jars more than enough time to dry before doing the next step. It said on the can to chal…

Vallée Perdue

Yesterday Ross and I wanted to hike up the vallée perdue, or the hidden/lost valley to get up to the bridge where we reckoned we could do some climbing. We got all the gear and drove to la daille where we parked and started hiking. It was a bit higher up than Ross seemed to think (300m altitude difference)and I reckon we would've been better off starting from the Tignes side doing the tour de Tovière. Just as we'd gotten up it started raining and since we weren't keen on climbing in the rain we ended up just scouting the place, so that we know exactly how to do it next time.

Deadlines & creative projects

Lots to do this week, the start of the week was spent finishing up an essay that I probably started a bit later than I should have, since I'm obviously very good at procrastinating. But it did get in on time, so fingers crossed. This was the first assignment for my C-level course which will end with my bachelor thesis and the presentation/ opposition in Karlstad on the 3rd of June next year. Nice to have an end date to it all!
In addition to the essay I'm also working on a brochure design for this winter so lots of time in front of the computer.. 
But to reward myself for finishing the essay I started one of my more creative projects. Lots of them lately but really enjoying it! This one's a present for Neta and is a "Starbucks" themed tea cup. Finished a rough sketch on the computer first and puzzled together letters from images of other Starbucks city mugs to make the word Tignes. And then it was free handed painting/writing time. Should probably have started …

Shadow box project

Since I went to IKEA on Friday to pick up a few things I also got what I needed for a new project. Coincidentally I also managed to get the blackboard spray paint I need for my tea jars. So back to this one, I'd bought a frame at IKEA and yesterday Ross helped me make the shadow box for old tickets, lift passes etc. Doing it with Ross made it a bit more technical than my initial plan but it sis turn out nice. After that we discusses options on how to proceed and ended ip gluing the glass with 'sticks like sh*t' (that's actually what it's called!) and cutting a floor board to clip together at the back. The floor board was then attached to the frame with a nail gun and then I painted the sides and the back of it with matte black paint match the frame. Really happy with it. Now we'll just have to see how long it'll take to fill it!

Winter is coming

Woke up to this view today

Berry Cake

Made a cake the other day and really liked the recipe so thought I'd share it. I used the recipe from this site.

4 eggs
2dl sugar
1 dl potato flour
1dl flour
2,5 tsp baking powder

Oven at 175 degrees. Grease and bread a baking dish. Whip sugar and eggs for a LONG time, until it's almost white and fluffy. Mix the other ingredients well and stir in. Try to stir as little as possible. Pour into dish and bake in the lower part of the oven for 45-50 minutes. Don't open the oven door whilst it's baking! You can cut it once it's cool. The recipe says it might even be better to do it a day before as the cake will be more stable.

I cut the cake in two instead of three and put berries in between. Then I made a frosting using this recipe:

1/2 jar marshmallow fluff. (3,5 ounces = 100g)
115grams of creme cheese
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract.

Mix all together well using electric whisk.

The frosting went on top with some more berries that I'd mixed with a little bit of sugar b…

First week back

So its been quite an eventful week.
1. I've signed up for my PSI2 in St Anton in January to finish of my full PSI level.
2. We went to Courmayeur, Italy, for dinner with Ross aunt and uncle.
3. Started somw graphic design work
4. I've helped clean a renovated flat,
5. Made and ordered phonebooks to cover almost everything up to May 2010. I know, still 3.5 years behind but it's better than 6.5years!! Managed to find 3 websites with good first order offers so payed about 10€ for each which I think is pretty good.
6. Been to tc's for an evening out
7. and started a 30 day abs and squat challenge from to keep me fit while the gym here is closed!
8. And I've baked gingerbread muffins too! 
Now I just need to start my course assigement and it'll have been 6 quite productive days! Oh and not to forget, we got the first snowflakes down in resort as well!

Swimming in the Sea

The first edit with the gopro studio using my first underwater footage.

Back home

Yesterday I flew back from Gothenburg. The first plane to Munich was really tiny and people weren't even allowed to take hand luggage bags on board with them. The second plane to Lyon was a bit bigger and I was in the emergency exit row so lots of leg room, however it was also the bumpiest flight I've ever been on, they wouldn't even serve drinks!
Got back to Tignes around 1.30 in the morning, so have spent the first part of today just unpacking.

Red currants

Got back to Falköping last night, enjoyed a kebab pizza for dinner and today there's been some last day shopping and chilling at home. Picked the last of the red currants in the garden, which we plan on enjoying with some ice cream.

Golf and swimming

The last days in tirekov meant going to Helsingborg to watch a ladies European golf tournament, a little bit of shopping and going swimming. It was fun to watch the golf but I also got a surprise question at the entrance, how old are you? As in did I need to pay for a ticket or was I still a 'junior'? They were shocked by my answer of 25, did feel a bit better afterwards finding out that the age limit was 20 and not lower, but still. Maybe it bodes well for the future that I still look very young now?!
The shopping didn't quite turned out as planned as it proved hard to find thermals in the south of Sweden in September.
The swimming was better than expected because it was warmer than in June, we did however have to watch out for the stinging jelly fish! This is when I decided to try my gopro out for the first time in water as well. So a shorter video will follow once I'm back in Tignes and have access to my laptop.

Something old and something new

Busy day today, appointment with the optician in the morning and then going down to Torekov this afternoon, with stops on the way for shopping, and visited the 'grents' (grandparents) this evening. I got a necklace from my grandmother, and had coincidentally  bought myself new earrings this morning, so, something old and something new.

Fridha & James' wedding

Yesterday we were invited to Jönköping to celebrate Fridha & James' wedding. It started out with a lovely ceremony in both English and Swedish which was followed by cake and champagne out by a farm. So happy to have been there to shared their day!