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Some different training

The past two days I've gotten out of my standard gym routine, I took the Pilates class at the Lagoon last night and today I went for a quick hike up to the top of the palafour lift. It's still really warm here, surprisingly, so it was good to get outside for a bit. Think I'll keep doing the Pilates every week as it seems to be really good for my upper back and neck.

New glasses

Ordered new glasses today, found this website which do really nice designs for great prices. Hadn't really planned on getting new glasses yet as I'm trying to use contact lenses for more daily stuff but they were so cheap! Its called meaning basically the glasses factory. I ended up choosing these ones. I really like the style, just hoping I'll like them as much when I wear them! They so come in a solid black as well but just thought I'd be brave and try something a bit different. They also do sunglasses so might be tempted to come back to this site for more if these ones work out.

Race day

Monday afternoon we left for La Châtre, which was about a 6h drive, including the traffic in and around Lyon. I'm still sure there must be another easier way around that! We arrived at the hotel around 23.30 and basically went straight to bed because we were getting up early the next morning.
Alarms went off just after 7 and we had breakfast with Ben and Mike before heading out to the race track. Freshly squeezed orange juice was a nice surprise. Unfortunately Ben crashed on the second lap and consequently got disqualified so we didn't get to see much but we had a nice time anyway, running around La Châtre looking for atms to get cash out for the damaged car and then going for lunch before heading back to Tignes again. We also made a quick stop at super u where surprisingly they had a Swedish bread section, apparently all things crispy, crisprolls, wasa etc are a typically Swedish thing! For the drive back we had to get to Tignes before 22.00 at night as the road access to Ti…

Gym sessions

So happy the gym has reopened in Tignes to give me something other to do than look at a screen all day; studying and apartment hunting. So far I've done 5/6 days and it feels so good to be working out again. Feels like I've not lost too much in interseason though which is good. And now every session is followed by a soy milk and whey protein shake to build muscle. Below is a blurry photo of my view as I'm on the training bike, taken through the arm band cover protector thingy. Looking out towards the Grande Motte and Val Claret is very motivating!

Almost all set up for Eurotest training as well, which is what I need to be really fit for, got a helmet off of Lena, bought GS poles and now just want to change to a binding with a lower din setting. Training is planned for end of november, start of december with Podium ski.

New word

Found this online at
Hilarious! "2. Scandiknavery (Scandinavian + Knavery)
Deceit or trickery by Scandinavians.A nonce-word created by James Joyce for use in a poem in his novel Finnegan’s Wake. This is one of the many Scandinavian references peppered throughout the book, in a nod to Dublin's heritage as an early Viking settlement. To experience modern-day Scandiknavery firsthand, attempt to furnish a home for a respectable adult using only furniture you have procured from an IKEA."


It's snowing outside, properly snowing this time, and I've spent most of the day doing photoshop stuff. First some things for Ross but then I wanted to do some more fun stuff as well so decided to do some quite extreme beauty retouching. Ended up with this, using a photo of myself again as I didn't have anyone else to take a photo of today.
And a pic of the snow outside

Toffee cookies

Or as they're known in Swedish, kolakakor. First attempt I had a bit too much butter in it so the result was a bit different but still yummy after some extra baking time, the second batch was more successful!

From the world of Harry Potter

Couldn't resist ordering the books from Amazon. The books are supposed to be a part of the HP world and were written for charity. And as much as I like the Harry Potter books, these were not as good, but tales of beedle the bard was worth reading as it consists of short stories. The other two were more like dictionaries or lexicons.

Lingonberry picking

Lena and I drove up towards La Rosière today to find some lingonberries and managed to find a great spot near the road. As we were picking we realised there were two types of berries, lingon- and bearberries (mjölon in Swedish). Unfortunately we got them mixed up, and the cleaning the berries turned out to be a sorting procedure as well. Bearberries don't taste as good and are a bit flour-y, so took quite some time. I used a recipe I found online to make the jam and have now put the jars in the fridge to cool down. All in all a really good day out.