Gym sessions

So happy the gym has reopened in Tignes to give me something other to do than look at a screen all day; studying and apartment hunting. So far I've done 5/6 days and it feels so good to be working out again. Feels like I've not lost too much in interseason though which is good. And now every session is followed by a soy milk and whey protein shake to build muscle. Below is a blurry photo of my view as I'm on the training bike, taken through the arm band cover protector thingy. Looking out towards the Grande Motte and Val Claret is very motivating!

Almost all set up for Eurotest training as well, which is what I need to be really fit for, got a helmet off of Lena, bought GS poles and now just want to change to a binding with a lower din setting. Training is planned for end of november, start of december with Podium ski.


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