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Finished and printed brochure

The brochure design that I made for 333 this fall us now finally finished and printed. Very happy with the results! Here's a quick pic of it!

Start of a new week

Monday again, and a new training week with Podium has started. Got some good skiing in and out of gates today. Weather forecast is looking good for this week too so hoping we'll get some good training in. Today we skied above the clouds!


Ao we've started moving the big pieces of furniture now, the bed, bookshelves and closet. Unfortunately both the bed and thw closet had to come apart and be rebuilt as the Schuss elevator and stairs were to small. But it's all made it to the home club now. Today's project is building a mezzanine bed to give us a bit more use out of our 20m2. There'll be more pics of the flat once were done, but for now, here's one of the view from the flat.

Lots of snow, the flu and keys to the new flat

So it's been a busy week in more ways than one. Started training with Podium this week and had a good first 2 days, despite the second day being very snowy and white. The second day we were doing drills with no poles or one pole in the gates and quite happy in the end with my skiing. In the afternoon we had balance and agility training in the Tignespace which was good and after that I went and got the keys for our new flat, and went over it with the steam cleaner.
The next morning (yesterday) I woke up with the flu. So yesterday was a bad day, basically only eating frosties on their own and plain rice for dinner. Feel a little bit better today but staying in to make sure I'll be good to go back on skis tomorrow and take up training again.
Here's some pics from Tuesday's ski.

First day training with Podium

Today was my first day training with Podium and had a really good and quite tough first day. Low visibility and strong winds on the glacier. The first course and I didn't quite get along but the second one was a bit better and then we finished the ski part of the day on Vanoise practicing our 'tucks'. After that I got home to eat a bit before heading to Tignespace and handball with the group.
So all in all a good day! Hopefully things will get even better from here! The more complicated part of the day turned out to be getting to Tignespace, the car wouldn't start (but the boot lid popped open -it's been stuck for a couple of days) and I had to hitchhike to Lac. Luckily this is common in France and got a ride straight away! Ross is now recharging the battery and putting the new snow tyres on the back wheels so hopefully tomorrow it'll be all good again.

GS and gym

So this week I've been mostly skiing and going to the gym. And the hard work is starting to show! Legs are getting a bit bigger and I can feel that I'm stronger, so very happy with that. Today was supposed to be a study day but of course there were lots of other things to do as well such as cleaning, washing, baking, cooking and starting to pack up the flat for our coming move, which should be within a week. So going through stuff and putting things we don't use in bags to make the move a bit quicker once we get the go ahead. And a quick pic from GS training on the other day.


Decided to go skiing again today. Thought I'd figured out a good plan to miss out on the massive morning queue by the funi, but apparently there was a technical problem so ended up waiting for almost two hours anyway! At least the weather was nice and the snow was good!

First ski

After the 140km/h winds yesterday on the Grande motte, the glacier finally opened today at 11.30. We were waiting in the morning for them to get rid of all the ice on the cable.. But better late than never, had a good first day back on skis, just freeskiing  to get the ski legs back. Skied without a knee brace which was ok but a bit sore around the knee cap at the end so will see if I'll go back and use it for a bit of support. Will do a few days on the fisher hybrids first now and then go up to my gs skis before getting back into the gates with Podium ski from the 18th.

Winter prep

This week has been fairly busy so far, training, prepping for winter, going through and throwing out old stuff, sending off an essay, doing graphic design work, staining wood, going out for a German dinner and measuring up our new flat. Monday night I finally got my replacement shells back for my ski boots! So happy. Put my liners back in and had to try them on right away of course and they feel just right! And the toe part looks tigher where it used to take in water so hopefully all good! Monday night we also visited our new flat in Lavachet to take measurements and try the phoneline for our internet. So I think we've worked out a new plan on how to live as to make the most out of the 20m2 that we'll have and hopefully we should be moving fairly soon! We've also been good about getting rid of unwanted things the past weeks and sorting out unnecessary packaging taking space as well as shredding tons of old paperwork. I don't think the shredder has ever worked this har…

Some more modelling?

Looks like my pic is on the skirental website in Beitostølen this year, thanks Neta for sending me the link!