First day training with Podium

Today was my first day training with Podium and had a really good and quite tough first day. Low visibility and strong winds on the glacier. The first course and I didn't quite get along but the second one was a bit better and then we finished the ski part of the day on Vanoise practicing our 'tucks'. After that I got home to eat a bit before heading to Tignespace and handball with the group.
So all in all a good day! Hopefully things will get even better from here!

The more complicated part of the day turned out to be getting to Tignespace, the car wouldn't start (but the boot lid popped open -it's been stuck for a couple of days) and I had to hitchhike to Lac. Luckily this is common in France and got a ride straight away! Ross is now recharging the battery and putting the new snow tyres on the back wheels so hopefully tomorrow it'll be all good again.


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