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First ski to Val

Biggles and I skied together yesterday and we did Tignes in the morning and then Val d'Isère in the afternoon when Stevo joined us as well. A good, full day out. We skied to the Fornet and then realised we were a bit late getting back with all the people and lift queues and we just made it to Tommeuse for 16.30, however there were tons of people in the queue so the lift stayed open a bit longer.

Once I got back home there was no hot water, luckily we have good friends nearby so I got to go see James and Lena and use their shower which was desperately needed after a full day on the slopes. The evening was spent with Biggles and Laerke who had cooked us a really nice dinner.

In reference to the avalanche I wrote about the other day, I've heard that it was people we knew and one of them injured  a knee but at least nothing more serious! The snow is still very slippy so please stay safe everyone!

Today I joined Biggles and Laerke skiing for a bit again. Another lovely sunny day a…

Cat-skiing (or skiing with Cat)

Couldn't help myself with the title. Sorry Cat! 
The sun did come out after a little while here in Tignes today, and we got to ski both above and below the clouds for a bit. We skied over a bit into the Val ski area, seeing as neither of us hadn't made it there yet this season. and then finished off the day with a Loop lunch, chili nachos and hot chocolate!

Cat and I on the lift Skiing back to Home Club there was a helicopter rescue happening on the Lavachet wall. Two big slides and people caught in one of them. The chopper circled a few times picking people up. Hope no one is seriously injured! Please stay safe everyone! I'm glad we decided to stay on piste today, we still enjoyed the snow and it was more than enough having a play just next to the piste in the ski tranquille area where it was too flat to slide.

God Jul, Merry Christmas & Joyeux Noël

Yesterday was for me the big Christmas day and in our house now referred to as Swedish Christmas. Ross and I spent most of the day together and had a really lovely time. I started the morning with going to the Sherpa to buy beer for my "Vörtbröd", a kind of spicy christmas bread. I did feel a bit odd buying alcohol in the morning but I'd completely forgotten the day before when I went shopping, however the French don't seem to think it's that odd as the lady in the sherpa didn't even blink, so maybe it's just me! I also got some white wine, ginger and apples to make my own Glögg. (Swedish version of mulled wine).

The morning was then spent baking bread, making cornflakes cakes, making mulled wine, preparing the beans and the mimosa sallad, and then finally reheating the meatballs and prince sausages. So lots of cooking and baking!

I'll give you the recipe here for the glögg as I was quite happy with how it turned out:

1 bottle of fruity white wine
2dl …

Christmas prep

Today I've been inside working on some graphic design stuff, started planning this winter's ski training and exams and making some of the Christmas food. And I've yet to do some more studying tonight.

Yesterday I put together the gingerbread house, which went well up til the frosting part. I was just planning on doing frosting and no candy on it since I got this frosting kit that's supposed to make fun shapes - it didn't, at least not with my frosting, maybe I need to stop being lazy and actually make a frosting that's got egg white in it and not just lemon juice. Anyway, here it is.

Today I made meatballs, according to my dad's family recipe as always, although halved the recipe this year as I have an even smaller freezer and can't store them or eat about 100 of them before they go off! I still don't have the oven ready to go and can't do the "vörtbröd" (spice bread) or the Christmas ham yet (it's now defrosting) but Ross has promi…

Christmas tree

When I got up this morning it was time to put the Christmas tree up. I got the tree last night on my way back home from Alpe d'Huez, and since I don't have anywhere to store it until the 23rd (which is when it would traditionally be decorated) it had to come up already today. The other option would have been to buy it on the 23rd but last year I literally got the last tree so can't take that risk again. Feeling very "christmassy" today with the tree and playing christmas songs. And here are some photos from this year's tree. It took some time this year to find space for the tree in our new smaller flat but after some reorganising (and hiding things underneath the couch) I managed to liberate a small space next to the balcony which is now where it lives.

First Eurotest attempt

We arrived in Alpe d'Huez Tuesday afternoon and had a quick look at the Stade and the snow to see what I'd be up against the next day. Alpe d'Huez has very little natural snow, like everywhere else in the alps, it hasn't snowed for a couple of weeks, so it was all artificial hard packed snow. You could even see dirt around the gates in the course from when they'd drilled the holes!

The Eurotest day starts with a morning meeting at 8am where your presence is obligatory or you don't get to start! This is also where they hand out the bibs. I got number 30, out of 100 so didn't have to wait too long to get mine.
After the meeting everyone heads up to the Stade for inspection and a quick warm up, as they start each racer just 30 seconds apart, there wasn't much time until my turn! Quite an interesting course up top at the flat with a couple of of 90 degree bends and a banana (long turn) but then fairly nice and regular down the steep and onto the last flat. …

Preparing for Alpe d'Huez

So today's been mainly about getting a few things sorted and just generally prepping for Alpe d'Huez and the Eurotest that I'm booked on to for Wednesday! Exciting times! Today's test was supposedly hard, icy and had about a 10% pass rate, but we'll see what happens Wednesday (a lot of snow forecasted for Thursday but you never know if it'll move in quicker..
Went skiing in the morning just to get some good feelings and then this was followed by ski prep, sharpening edges and waxing, some light biking at the Lagon to relax the legs and now to start packing before we leave tomorrow.
The new top of Tovière! So much more space. Although I'm still undecided on the safety and usefulness of the escalator inside!
Ski prep on the balcony
Amazing view to say the least! 

Last week of training

Last week of training with Podium is just finished and the eurotest is next week. Hoping for good weather and a nice course, all that's left now is skiing really fast! Easier said than done but it's going to be good to have a go. Thanks to Dave, Jas and Scott, it's been a good couple of weeks albeit frustrating at times! And thanks to all the other guys that I've been training with, you've made these past weeks really fun!I'm quite looking forward to getting some fatter skis on after next Wednesday and start preparing for PSI2 in St Anton in January. The past four weeks have been really intense with all the training, activities in the evenings and video analysis sessions. I think it's been different for me compared to the others as I'm actually at home, so maybe not as intense in terms of living, eating and breathing skiing, on the other hand we've been moving to our new flat as well so it's definitely been really busy in more ways than one!

Birthday present

Got a late birthday present yesterday as a courrier came to deliver a Nespresso machine and capsules from the Creeds. Thank you! Of course I had to have a cup right away to try it out! Yum! Going to have a testing of all the flavors first to see which ones are my favorites. Yesterday's flavor was Linizio Lungo (the orange one).

Photos from last week's training and antics

Photos courtesy of Amy Wardman. If you want to read her blog about it, click here.

Day at IKEA and new glasses

Before leaving for IKEA I finally got the glasses I ordered over a month ago, they'd got a bit stuck in the post system... So of course I had to try them out! IKEA was really busy and it was even hard finding a parking spot! Luckily that meant it was easy finding someone to help me get a worktop off of the roof of the car. Managed to get through fairly easy and got lots of treats from the Swedish food store! Think putting the furniture together is going to have to wait for tomorrow though..

Third week of training

Another week of training has just finished and it's been a good week with lots of drills, training starts, dual GS, skating and gates on different slopes. Today we were down on the Tichot stade as the winds were too strong up top. We skied brushes training starts and then did quite a turny course down below which was good, until the run where I couldn't quite get my skis around the last gate and went straight through it. Not quite sure how I fell/tumbled but managed to hit my arm a bit and scratch my face so got bruises on the cheeks and a sore lip but all in all could've been a lot worse. Got back on my skis after a short break and did some more runs before the "traditional" visit to the Aspen for a milkshake and fries. We did take some fun photos today as well just us girls, so will post once I get access to them. For now, here's one of my face after today!

First night in Lavachet

After moving the kitchen last night we got Tignes cuisine takeout and slept in the new flat for the first time. A bit tired today as we didn't finish unloading the last load until 23 or so. But good to be in the new flat and will be even better in a couple of days once we get settled properly. (And when I've gone to IKEA to pick up some more storage/chest of drawers etc. 
Went up for the ski race this morning but could really feel my knee being sore today so went down early after a DNF in the first run just to rest. Got tomorrow booked in as well and should hopefully get a couple of days next week but not the full 5 days, which should be good.

Some more skiing and some more moving

Today we had a great day skiing, but fairly long. Started the day with a dual GS which was very fun and I managed to win quite a few of my races. If only you could ski the eurotest with someone next to you so that you ski faster! In the afternoon we had two timed runs and I did ok. My times aren't quite where I want them to be but I was at least skiing my line better in the second run, so got to be happy about that.
In the afternoon we had training at Tignesespace which involved balance (on yoga balls), agility and some more balance/yoga moves (the crane, the crow etc.) A lot of fun, but also quite tired now.
Today I also found out my eurotest date. So will be able to plan things now which is good!

Coming home after that I started packing up the kitchen and we're now just unpacking and getting things ready. Unfortunately, my clumsy side has also shown itself and I've broken a mug and a glass so far.. Hopefully that's it for tonight now though!

Birthday weekend and some more

It was my birthday on Friday last week and unfortunately we didn't get up to much as Ross seemed to have caught the bug I had the week before. But I did at least get to open some presents in the morning and got lots and lots of lovely birthday messages throughout the day. And I got a birthday ski. Saturday was more of a fun day as Martin and Mads had invited us out for lunch at the Terrachu were I enjoyed a lovely duck pizza and coffee pannacotta. Afterwards there wasn't really a lot of time before it was time to head out for dinner and drinks at the Petit Sav and Couloir. So lots of good food and laughter! Just started a new week of training now and we have so far had two good days with lots of drills ans sunshine. Another positive is that I've gotten cross country skiing approved as my second discipline and am another step closer to being fully qualified.
Tonight is moving night and we should hopefully get everything sorted so that we can start living in our new place, …