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Visit from friends

Anna and Anders arrived late Sunday night and stayed with us for a couple of days. We got some nice skiing, some climbing, lots of coffee, good food and catch-up time.
Today there's also been some development on the instructing front and how to go about all the French admin but I won't bore you with that until there's some actual news.

Cranberry Chicken

Since I found fresh cranberries in the Carrefour the other day I was intrigued and had to buy them to try. I've only even had dried cranberries or cranberry sauce before. Safe to say, I probably won't eat them fresh on their own again. But, they did become the main ingredient for a really yummy dish that Ross has requested go on our list of foods we eat a lot as I had to find some way to use them!

I found the recipe here
and below is an edited copy ( I only used 2 chicken breasts but the same amount of sauce as I really like sauces and I thought it would maybe be a bit dry otherwise, Sauce would've been sufficient for 4 though, but not for 6 in my taste. I served it with rice and it went very well together! Unfortunately by the time the food was ready we were very hungry and it looked so nice that I completely disregarded my first instint to take a photo just so that I could start eating quicker, promise to take one next time though!

Total Time: 50 minutes Yield: Serves 4 …


I got to pick up my abs bag today and have of course spent the last half hour trying it on, figuring out all the functions, pockets and straps. For those of you that don't know what an abs bag is, its an airbag that you can deploy in case of an avalanche to help you avoid getting buried. Below is a photo of a deployed bag and one of my bag.
It feels good to have my own bag finally and not just borrowing one when needed but it's also one of those purchases that you hope you never have to actually use, as it in this case would mean being in an avalanche. I got a 30L add on (in yellow and green) for when I need to bring a lot of stuff and otherwise the thin black zip on will do for a couple of hours off piste. I also got the back protector add on so that I don't have to wear an extra one underneath which is quite practical.

About photoshopping and retouching

Stumbled upon an article that really reminded me of a retouch assignment that I had a couple of years ago which meant retouching a photo into a beauty ad using an already existing campaign as inspiration.
Here's a link to the article

And here's a photo showing both the original and retouched part of my assignment, not hard guessing which one is which! Hm, maybe it's time to start a new photoshop project!
Here's a link back to the blog post about the project

Diplomas, Id card and other ski admin stuff

The past two days since I got back have been spent trying to figure out all admin stuff that goes around getting qualified and an equivalence here in France as well as applying for a eurotest in Italy.
I've printed out my diplomas showing I'm now PSI qualified, ordered an ID card for ski instructing and the ISIA sticker to go on top. I've emailed people who should have more information of the equivalence process and just now trying to translate an Italian document to figure out what I need to do before the Eurotest in Sansicario in February which I've been accepted to. I've also gotten accepted onto the one in Les Menuires in March, so the planning for the rest of the season is starting to come together. The next step after will be to figure out if it's feasible to do an EMS2 training week or if that's going to have to wait until next year.

It's just starting to sink in that I'm now not far off from fully qualified and everything feels like it's…

The team

All of us from the course last week, unfortunately the guy that took the photo did not figure out how to take a photo without his poles in it!


The two last days we had our exams. Friday meant 3 exams, technical, navigation and theory. A technical run in low visibility where I bumped my knee up a bit, navigation from inside the restaurant, barely being able to see anything to use for a bearing and a theoretical exam in Danish (and the study material had been in German!). We also went out for dinner with the other trainers within the Danish ski school on Friday night, our group took it easy and went home early though as we had 2 more exams coming our way on Saturday; transceiver search and snow profile. I found the beeper within 1min15 (limit was 3mins) and was 4th fastest (despite having an older beeper) and got through the snow profile fairly easy. After the exams we gathered in a restaurant to eat and find out results. I passed, as did the other people on the course and we were of course very happy as this is the last bit needed for many of us to gain full PSI and ISIA status. For me it's one more thing checked off and …

Ross on ski rental



We were over on Rendl today for a bit of skiing, which ended up being a lot of walking and traversing, we dug our own snow profiles and practiced multiple burial scenarios at the ortovox training centre. This was our last day before the exams start so it was good with some training. Tomorrow we have a theoretical exam, a technical exam in off piste skiing and either navigation or snow profiles, which leaves the transceiver search exam and whichever one we don't do til Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!

After snow comes sun

We woke up to a nice day today after yesterday's snowfall and we did lots of skiing since we missed out a little bit yesterday. We found some nice spots, especially in the morning but we had to walk both up and down with the skis at some points as well, no pain no gain!

Whiteout and changed plans

We woke up this morning to a whiteout with some snow and it was quickly decided that it wasn't worth venturing offpiste and that our time was spent doing probing tests and then practicing beeper search and a simulated avalanche scenario with coordinated search. So a not so good day on the hill but well spent.

Day two - guiding a group off piste

Today was the day that my group had planned the route for and subsequently got to guide the others on. We had decided on doing a run down from a peak called Knödelkopf, which did mean about a 30min hike up and on top we had a navigation exercise before heading down and I got to lead the group for a bit. I managed to get a nice pattern in on the first steep where we had some nice light snow. Which for us as a group that had planned the route were very happy with! The afternoon was again spent studying a snowprofile but a bit more extensive this time. The theoretical part today covered the snowprofile we Sid and then again more about different types of avalanches. There's a lot of information coming in together with quite physical days so early nights and early mornings every day with little time for anything else.


I drove to St Anton yesterday together with a guy called Nicolaj and with breaks it took us most part of the day but we got there in the end, settled in to the apartments, and had a welcome/info meeting. I'm living with two other girls and the boys have another flat. Today was the first day on the hill and having been forewarned that there wasn't much snow we were quite happily surprised as Jens, our coach, managed to find some hidden spots! The morning was spent mainly skiing and then we had some beeper training in the afternoon and dug a snow profile. Later on were going over the more theoretical aspects.
Here's a few pics from today to show you the conditions in St Anton.

Skiing, training and prepping

This week I've skied as much as I can, and have skied with Princess, (also known as James), Cat and Rebecca, just getting lots of km:s under my skis. I've finished up my essay so to not have that to think about for next week when I'm away, reading up on all the offpiste theoretical stuff, training with my transceiver, going to the movies, had dinner with friends and, a bit early, putting the christmas decorations away. The tree was shedding so much at this point that merely touching it made a branch go completely bare!! (The photos were taken after having hoovered up half of it!

I'm looking forward to next week in St Anton and doing the PSI2 course, I think it'll be really interesting however due to all the avalanches we've had recently in the Alps I'm also a little bit hesitant to spend a full week off piste but that's the way it is, we just need to stay safe  and that's what we're there to learn! I'll hopefully have good internet access ov…


Figured I should do a short recap of 2013 and what the hopes are for 2014. But first here's what I hoped for last year.

Get more muscle - a year without knee injuries would be nice. I'm not setting a goal to lose weight but to gain some! -I definitely did this! Very happy to have an injury free year!
To put some more time into Creative Colours and do some design work. - Check! worked for 333 this year.
Pass my PSI3 and get qualified to teach in France. -I did pass my PSI3, unfortunately this wasn't enough for the Frenchies.
Finish my bacheror thesis in tourism science. -This was because I thought the C course was running full time, but it turns out it's running part-time so I'll have another couple of months (halfway there now though)
Travel more. - We did go to Italy, Denmark, Scotland and Sweden this year. Hopefully we can go somewhere further soon though!

Last winter was a year with a lot of skiing, including on my Hybrids that I got just before the new year. Thank y…


Yesterday we drove over to La Plage to meet up with Dean and Helen and their crew for a day of skiing. The drive over took a bit longer than expected as there was heavy snow and people struggling to get up the hill but the Volvo did great as usual. So we had a bit of catch up to do but we caught up with the other quickly as visibility was still very good despite all the snow coming down. Our faces felt a bit battered after a while though with the snow and the wind! One of the other guys luckily had a spare buff for Ross as he'd forgotten his.

We then skied in Les Arcs and had lunch on the slopes in a nice little restaurant before heading back to La Plagne. By the time we were heading back weather had almost cleared up. The day felt almost like a mini-holiday; getting to ski somewhere else and eating out. It was Ross' first day on the hill as well so he really enjoyed it.
Since it was Dean's birthday the day before we took him down to the bobsleigh track after as Helen had …