I got to pick up my abs bag today and have of course spent the last half hour trying it on, figuring out all the functions, pockets and straps. For those of you that don't know what an abs bag is, its an airbag that you can deploy in case of an avalanche to help you avoid getting buried. Below is a photo of a deployed bag and one of my bag.
It feels good to have my own bag finally and not just borrowing one when needed but it's also one of those purchases that you hope you never have to actually use, as it in this case would mean being in an avalanche. I got a 30L add on (in yellow and green) for when I need to bring a lot of stuff and otherwise the thin black zip on will do for a couple of hours off piste. I also got the back protector add on so that I don't have to wear an extra one underneath which is quite practical.


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