Skiing, training and prepping

This week I've skied as much as I can, and have skied with Princess, (also known as James), Cat and Rebecca, just getting lots of km:s under my skis. I've finished up my essay so to not have that to think about for next week when I'm away, reading up on all the offpiste theoretical stuff, training with my transceiver, going to the movies, had dinner with friends and, a bit early, putting the christmas decorations away. The tree was shedding so much at this point that merely touching it made a branch go completely bare!! (The photos were taken after having hoovered up half of it!

I'm looking forward to next week in St Anton and doing the PSI2 course, I think it'll be really interesting however due to all the avalanches we've had recently in the Alps I'm also a little bit hesitant to spend a full week off piste but that's the way it is, we just need to stay safe  and that's what we're there to learn! I'll hopefully have good internet access over there so will post stuff next week on progress if I have time! All being well I'll be fully qualified ISIA and Danish ski instructor by next Saturday, which is one of my goals for this year! So wish me luck for the exams!
And as a final note, this is my 900th blog post! 


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