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More work, Ross' bday and being poorly

Have not had a day off of work since I started but it's been really good. Saturday was a bit funny since there weren't any kids and we spent the morning clearing up the piou piou which was followed by baguette, saucisson and white wine with the colleagues (at 10.30am!!) only in France. Ross' 30th birthday was on Friday and we had dinner in Jacques followed by a drink in Couloir which was really nice. I baked him a cake and tried to make the day as special as possible with presents in the morning and lots of little surprises! This week I'm working at Club Med which is a bit different to normal ESF stuff and with the bonus of getting to eat at the lunch buffet every day. Unfortunately for the past 2,5 days I've been a bit sick with a really sore throat and achy ears so haven't been sleeping much. Hoping it'll get better soon and that I can manage to work through it! Ross went to the pharmacy for me today so hopefully I'll sleep better tonight!

Sainte Foy video

First days at work

So it's been two busy first days at work, at the Piou Piou with the little kids in the morning, yesterday I did the ski clinic (basically ski rental) at Club Med and today I had a private lesson with a little French boy. It's still slightly surreal to finally be teaching here but really good! Looking forward to the rest of the season.
Ross drove me up to Val Claret as it was my "first day of school" and took a picture. I also got sent a picture  yesterday of a Danish ski paper (Skiavisen) that featured my PSI2 off pist course.

Photo from Thursday evening's blizzard

Heading back from the Terrachu after celebrating Cat and Mike's birthdays! Googles were a must cause of the wind!


Today was a very exciting day as it is the day that my qualifications got pushed through and I can now finally say I'm an instructor here in France. I start work on Sunday and it'll be a very intense first week as it is half term but it'll be really good to finally start working again and to get back into it! Very excited! It's not quite sunk in yet I think but at least I'll have tomorrow to process things and get ready! Lots of new things to learn and habits to get into...

Ste Foy

On Wednesday we headed to Ste Foy for a day of off piste skiing. We did the Col du Granier route which involved a bus ride back to resort and some really good snow. It was really nice to switch to fat skis and just have a blast. The day also meant I got to try my new ABS bag out for the first time. We then finished the day off with a burger and a drink in the Marmot arms for après.

A video will follow once I've had the time to edit and put all the GoPro footage together, for now, here's a couple of photos!

Eurotest attempt number 2

Monday night we drove up to Sansicario for a meeting about the test on Tuesday and to get our bibs. I got nr46. Which turned out to be very unlucky because the first run was split into two 1-69 and 70-136, however the second run wasn't and just went 136-1. So I got a late bib in both runs which didn't help. My first run just wasn't aggressive enough and with a few mistakes along the way I skied in about 2s out of the pass time. The second run I was skiing better until I hit a hole in the steep pitch and flew out and landed on my ass. So unfortunately no eurotest pass this time. I've already booked on to the one in Les Menuires for end of March though, so with some more training (in aggressive skiing and speed) hopefully that'll be my day!

Big congrats to the boys that did pass, Sam, Joe, Huw and Merlin! The Italian test was a very different experience to Alpe d'Huez in terms of level of the skiers, the Italians are really good racers and I don't think anyon…

Weekend off

We've had the weekend off and have been filling it with coffee, gelato, pizza, a drive to Sestriere, writing post cards and searching for Wi-Fi.
Tomorrow we've got one last day of training before the test.
This fence is amazing and we drive past it every day on the way up to the hill.

More snow

After a couple of hours of sun on Thursday it was back to lots of snow yesterday. According to the locals this is very unusual weather for Sansicario and the Via Lattea area that is usually very sunny. We're keeping our fingers crossed that snow forecast keeps its promises and delivers decent weather on Tuesday, the day of the test as there is otherwise talks of having it a week after, which would mean driving back to Tignes and coming back. Something we'd rather have done yesterday as we're now having two days off in Oulx where we're not skiing. My knee has been a bit sore so the two days off are a welcome break for me so that I can try to just go for it next week. Some of the guys did go back for work over this weekend but we judged the Frejust tunnel to be very expensive and the drive too tiring with this weather to go back for a night. We're therefore now in a "biker bar" which does offer free offer, enjoying a hot chocolate.

In other news we've f…

Finally some sun

Our trainers claim Sansicario is usually very warm and sunny but up until today the only thing that's come near is the hilariously named restaurant 'Soleil Boeuf', (meaning Sunny Beef). Today we got clear skies and training on the actual Stade which was good prep for the eurotest. Only 2 days of training left now!
We also got a team Podium photo afterwards. Below, a photo of Soleil Boeuf from the other day, serving as a weather comparison and of Huw's neck nomination.

Another day of training in the snow

Snow picked up a bit today but as we found out we didn't have to drive all the way up but just a bit further along the main road, park and get a gondola up, it was ok. Training was sometimes tough as visibility went, but at least it's not windy, only snowing. We'll see what tomorrow brings as snow is supposed to pick up even more. My skiing is falling back into place, getting a straighter and faster line, which also means a few black and blues, but it's all good.
The afternoon has been spent stretching and waxing skis on the balcony.


We arrived in Italy yesterday after a short driven and an expensive tunnel and managed to find our accommodation in Oulx. We drove up to sansicario as well and the resort is a bit of a ghost town. We still haven't managed to figure out why it's that way but hopefully by the end of the week.
There's 6 of us for now with two Italian coaches who speak slightly limited English but we managed to understand each other. Had an alright day for being the first day back, I've not been on my GS skis since the last test in December. Hopefully tomorrow will be even better and now it's time for some Italian pizza!

Leaving for Italy

Just about finished packing and will leave for Italy in an hour. Cat and I are going for a week of training with the Italians with a eurotest next Tuesday to finish it off. Fingers crossed!
Will be good to get back into gates and on the GS skis, it's been a while since I have mainly skied off piste and variables since Christmas to practice for the PSI2 exam I had in Austria. I'm sure I'll get back into it fairly quickly though. I feel like I've barely been home since Austria and already leaving again, but it'll give me a better shot at the test which is what's important.