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New sunglasses and all of last week

Got my Sungod sunglasses in the mail today! Thank you Sungod sunglasses and #SunGodSundays again! They're awesome! customisable and polarised for only £35 so, go visit and get yourself a pair!

Last week was busy with lessons in the mornings with Swedish and scandi kids which was great fun! We had drinks with friends, a birthday party at the terrachu, a meeting about graphic design stuff for next year and I had another go at the eurotest. Could definitely feel that I wasn't quite prepared for this one though. And you know it's going to be a hard one when the openers close faster than they open (if that makes sense for anyone outside of the racing/eurotest world)
Now I can focus on finishing the season, enjoy skiing and writing my thesis, for which I have an interview this afternoon - wish me luck!

Lucky #sungodsundays

Looks like I got lucky today! Very excited to be getting a pair of sungod sunglasses!

La Rosière/La Thuile

Yesterday a group of us went over to La Rosière to have a day skiing in the Espace San Bernardo area. We skied over to La Thuile, Italy and had lunch over in a lovely little restaurant called Lo Tata. It was an amazing day out, sunny weather all day and lots of great food and laughs. It was fun to ski over the Col where we drive in the summer as well! When we got back to Tignes we did après in the Loop, first time this season for me and Ross. Safe to say, a bit tired today but definitely worth it when you get days like that!

Sort of a quiet week

So I've had a really quiet week this week. But it's probably been good for my bronchitis/sinusitis. I'm really starting to feel better, barely cough anymore and don't have to blow my nose every 5 mins! Definite improvement.I've only had 2 ski lessons this week, with a 78 year old Belgian judge, no I'm not kidding. He's apparently a well known figure here, especially at the ESF and so it was quite an experience.

I also had a morning out with 333 yesterday taking photos for next year, for brochures,websites and so on. Just been through them all as I'd taken them in Raw format and needed to "develop" the ones worth keeping.

Today I've been very productive and have both cleaned, baked and written quite a bit on the theoretical background for my bachelor's thesis which I think I do need to get on with a bit now, especially if I'm not working as much. 11 pages so far though, need to finish some parts so I can send it in to my tutor/super…

Sinusitis and bronchitis

After reluctantly going to the doctor this afternoon, I've been told I've got both sinusitis and bronchitis which means antibiotics and some other medications for the next week or so. At least this means I should get better soon and hopefully stop coughing and waking up Ross during the night. Not a very fun update but at least this week is quiet so I can relax and focus on getting better.

Igloo building and torchlit descent

This week has been full of work and work related activities, skiing with Danski, private and group lessons and then yesterday I was in charge of the igloo building for kids in the afternoon. Tonight  was the torchlit descent, which was slightly different to normal, we all did the descent, so no dance this time, together with the instructors from Le Lac and we ended the ladies big air event that took place earlier in the evening.

Breadmaker breakdown

It finally happened, as I was about to make a second set of rolls yesterday the blade part came out of the loaf tin and the breadmaker is now unusuable. It did last 3,5 years and give us lots of amazing bread so we shouldn't complain. After careful consideration we then ordered a new breadmaker that is expected to arrive next weekend. Hopefully it'll give us at least as much bread as this one!

Torchlit descent

Thursday evenings during school holidays the ESF do a torchlit descent and this week was no different. The boys ski down Tichot and then us girls do a choreographed dance at the snow front. Ross was there to take a few photos this week.

Today is my first day off since I started and planning on staying in, doing some studying and relaxing which will hopefully help me beat this cold once and for all!