New sunglasses and all of last week

Got my Sungod sunglasses in the mail today! Thank you Sungod sunglasses and #SunGodSundays again! They're awesome! customisable and polarised for only £35 so, go visit and get yourself a pair!

Last week was busy with lessons in the mornings with Swedish and scandi kids which was great fun! We had drinks with friends, a birthday party at the terrachu, a meeting about graphic design stuff for next year and I had another go at the eurotest. Could definitely feel that I wasn't quite prepared for this one though. And you know it's going to be a hard one when the openers close faster than they open (if that makes sense for anyone outside of the racing/eurotest world)
Now I can focus on finishing the season, enjoy skiing and writing my thesis, for which I have an interview this afternoon - wish me luck!


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