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Cast iron

Yesterday we drove down to Torekov as we wanted to spend a couple of days here. We stopped in Skeppshult on the way, it's the name of the town and the factory which specialize in cast iron products. I wanted to get a salt container like the one my parents have and then I couldn't resist getting a mini-pancake pan, or as it's known here "plättpanna". The pan comes with a 25 year guarantee (!)
In other good news, I will be going to Karlstad next week to defend my thesis!

Heat wave and summery weather

Since I got back to Falköping the weather has been great. Sun and really warm weather, almost too warm if you ask me. It does make a nice change from the snow though, but the almost 30C difference was a bit of a shock! Below is a screenshot showing the Tignes webcam today... 

Back in Sweden

I flew back to Sweden on Tuesday and have been very busy ever since, leaving Tignes did not mean leaving for a holiday right away but I have now sent in my dissertation to see if it's ready to be presented and I've worked with 333's new website design, so lots to do and having to make do with my mom's computer wasn't the easiest at first! Trial versions of design programs have saved me! Can't wait now to set up the new computer once Ross gets here so that I can just work whenever and however I want! But first, a short break until I get some feedback on my work!

Walibi theme park

Since we'd decided to go to Chambéry on Saturday to pick up a new laptop/tablet hybrid we also had plans to go to Walibi theme park. Unfortunately we couldn't get the laptop, but it's been ordered and will be picked up next week. Walibi park is a small theme and water park, but only the attractions were open this weekend. They had some good stuff, only wished the rides were a bit longer, but for the size they'd done a great job. Favorites were the equalizer, the skunx tower and the galion. Both Ross and I love theme parks so think we need to plan a visit to Liseberg or gröna Lund when we're back in Sweden!

Hacked :(

Hacked email accounts meant lots of security measures being taken this morning. Sigh! Is this the modern equivalent of being robbed?!

Last day of the season

Sunday was the last day of the winter season here in Tignes and therefore an obligatory skiing day. Luckily conditions were good! Lots of wind but also lots of fresh powder snow and very few people on the slopes! Great day out and this is why we always stick around until the end of the season.

Weekend off

Ross and I had the whole weekend off and so we finally went to see the dam and what was left of old Tignes. Unfortunately we couldn't go earlier to see even more of the old village but it was good anyway. Walking down and over the old bridge and then seeing the old walls and ceilings.

Back in Tignes

Being back in Tignes has meant seeing friends before they leave for the season, a bit of skiing and lots of essay writing. The latter being slightly complicated as my computer started showing the so-called blue screen of death and shutting itself down. That in addition to my having to do a factory reset of my phone the week before makes me wonder if I've started to repel technology - or it could just be that my computer is now almost 7 years old. Ross is having a look today to see if it's fixable, fingers crossed! The last week with almost everyone gone, shops closing and the slopes being limited to the glacier has made me feel like it's already interseason despite there being 3 days left! Will have to ski again before it's all over though!

Last couple of days in the UK

The last couple of days in the UK was spent with Ross' family, building a climbing wall for Euan, walking around with Yumi and lots more. We also went in to Birmingham to see Dean, Helen, Richard and Sarah one night and then Jamie and Jenny the next one. Busy but fun days! I also got to ride pillion on the motorbike with Ross. I'll admit I was a bit sceptical at first, especially about roundabouts, and once I got over that, about traffic and going in between cars. Not quite over that one yet though! Ross also felt the need to have his photo taken in the British flag at the airport before we left!