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Isle of Skye day 2

The second day on Skye we first drove down to the Fairy Pools where we walked for about 20mins to reach the falls and the pools. We were a bit worried about midge bites but think the jungle spray did its job well. The brave of us (me and mom) also swam in the Fairy pools, a bit cold but very refreshing and fun!
After this we drove out to Talisker distillery where they make Talisker whiskey. We had lunch outside and then went for the tour of the distillery which ended with a whiskey tasting. I can't believe people actually like this drink and to me the distillery process smelt of rabbit. An interesting fact learned at the Distillery was that the name Skye comes from Norse and means cloud island or Sky-öy.
Afterwards we were off to get some early dinner and we ended up in the Old Schoolhouse in Dunvegan where we had a lovely meal. The next morning we were up early as we had a long drive to do and we had to stop a couple to recharge the car battery. I think we were all quite happy to…

Isle of Skye

We arrived on Skye Thursday night after a long drive up through Scotland and after taking lots of small roads we arrived at our accommodation, the old manse, in Hallin. On Friday we decided to explore the north part of the island and we started off by going to Uig, the fairy Glen, then passing by Quiraing out to Staffin down to Portree and then back to Hallin. Unfortunately the day included stops to charge the car battery as it's turns out it's still not fixed even after all the different garages it's been through. Impressions of Skye so far is that it's so much bigger than we expected, the landscapes and fields much vaster and Portree looks very much like Tobermory. The roads are decent but there's lots of stopping for cars to pass or sheep and cows to move on the single track roads.


Today we started off with walking up Arthur's seat, the extinct volcano. We didn't go all the way up but still got a nice panoramic view of Edinburgh. After that we explored Holyrood palace, the Royal Mile and went on a tourbus around the new and old town, all before lunchtime. Lunch was then had on the grass in the Princes street gardens which was followed by a walk up to the Castle and then down to the Grassmarket before heading back to the flat. We're just now back from having had dinner at a really nice Thai place around the corner. I'm finally feeling a bit fresher after having had a shower since Scotland surprised us with warm and sunny weather today. Even got some slightly pink shoulders and I'm inclined to believe the people saying that we had the warmest temperatures in the UK up here today! We did make the most of today though because of it, the only downside was having to carry our thick sweaters and jackets all day as we thought we needed them in the mo…


Yesterday we drove all the way up to Edinburgh, with a few stops along the way, including the now almost obligatory stop at Gretna Green shopping outlet for some new nike shoes. Found a new pair this time as well, a nike free flyknit 5.0 and as they'd also opened a Superdry outlet I managed to find a nice top as well. I feel like I do a lot of shopping on my holidays to Sweden and the UK, but then I get to remind myself that it's the one or maybe two times a year that I do shop for clothes.

We arrived early evening up in Edinburgh and found the flat we rented through Airbnb without any problems and settled in quickly. Takeout and some tv for me in the evening whilst the others went for an evening walk as my heel has been a bit painful over the past couple of days. After today in my new shoes and with a strapped heel it's feeling better than it did though so hopefully I'll be 100% soon.

Stratford upon Avon

On Tuesday we took a trip to Stratford upon Avon, the birthplace of William Shakespeare and a gorgeous Tudor town. We had lunch in the (supposedly) oldest pub in town, did lots of walking (despite my aching heel), visited the Mad (Mechanical art and design) museum which was filled with quirky mechanical art, rented a row boat on the canal and had afternoon tea. Safe to say, the days have been filled with lots of British things!

Evening walk at Clent Hill

After our visit to the Blackcountry museum we took a walk with Ross' grandma to Clent Hill. The view at the top is really nice, even when the weather isn't amazing, and on a nice day you can apparently see all the way to Wales.

Black country museum

Sunday was spent at the Blackcountry museum with all the 10 of us as Anna and Sunijin with their kids also joined in. It was all very interesting to see, but especially the old coal mine where we got to walk down in to the dark mine with only a dimmed torch (similar light to that of a candle). The canal boat tour where I did some legging was also quite fun and interesting and the old fairground let us go down a carpet slide and enjoy a two person boat swing among other things. Lunch of course meant fish and chips and then there was some old fashioned candy to keep us going! The whole place is made up of rebuilt old buildings and environments stretching from about 1900 to 1950 and show exactly how the people lived, worked, played and so on. Definitely worth a visit but it's a lot to do it all in one day. We barely got around the place before it closed.

Esbjerg to Harwich

Once we were on the ferry on Friday we finally got some food, first a snack and then later on an amazing steak followed by homemade ice cream and some live music. I unfortunately didn't sleep well on the boat after but it would've otherwise made for a very pleasant crossing. Once in the UK we started driving towards Stourbridge with a stop in Cambridge for lunch.

Getting to the ferry

Just waiting now to board the ferry in Esbjerg and we'll soon be on our way to Harwich. It's been an eventful day with a morning swim, coffee at my grandparents' and then lots of traffic and a flat tyre on the way (on Öresundsbron)! So instead of having lunch we had to visit a tyre shop. Luckily we'd left a lot of spare time and still checked in with 15 minutes spare. Can't wait to get on the boat and eat now!

Surströmming part 2

And I'm sure everyone's really excited to hear what happened when the can was opened. Hannah, my niece was also game to try so she and Ross got a pan filled with water, the can, a can opener, a plate and a fork ready. The can was opened under water, and I've been told that it started fizzing and the water turned grey. This is when the smell started coming out and flees flocked to the open can. There was lot of screaming, laughing, gagging and running off to get air. Even at a distance I didn't escape the smell and had to go around the house in order to stop myself from being sick! In the end Hannah and Ross barely had a taste of it and my father had one piece I think. The rest of us were more than happy to stick to the barbecue and strawberries!
The film would probably be more telling of the experience than the photos but the video is a bit shaky since I couldn't stop myself from laughing most of the time.


Ross made a request the other week to try this Swedish speciality and we've now managed to get a can. If you're not familiar with this dish please take a moment to read about it using the link below. update will follow once it's been opened (outside) !


Wednesday and Thursday this week was spent in Stockholm, visiting Jossan and being tourists in the capital. We spent a lot of time just walking and eating and it felt like a proper holiday. I think Ross' favorite was the Vasa museum where they have a 300 year old ship that was recovered from just outside Stockholm as it sank after 1500m on it's maiden voyage. The main part of both day was spent walking and exploring the different neighborhoods in Stockholm but we did also make a stop outside the castle as the guards were changing. Our one night in the city centre we visited the food festival in Kungsträdgården and then had drinks at the Hilton. It was really nice to be in a proper town as well but we did get reminded on the drive out why we live somewhere else - getting stuck in traffic is not something we want to do every day. Below are some photos from my phone, haven't uploaded the ones from my proper camera yet!


On Tuesday I went to Karlstad University to present my thesis at a seminar. Basically you get someone else's thesis to read beforehand and you need to find strenghts and weaknesses regarding content and structure. So you present this, and then you also get to "defend" your own essay. I think it went quite well, got a few things that I need to do now before I hand in the final essay on Tuesday the 10th but should be alright. This was the first time I've actually physically been at the unversity where I've been studying so it was quite nice to see how it all looked. I'm still very happy with my decision to do distance/online studies though.

After the seminar Ross and I drove in to Karlstad city centre to meet up with Julia, a friend who I was in the States with in 2006-2007. It was great to catch up and spend some time together as it doesn't happen very often.

Roller skiing in Sunne

Ross and I left for Sunne on Monday night to see my brother and his family before I had to be in Karlstad on the Tuesday. It was great to see them, jumping on the trampoline with the boys and trying roller skiing. And I'm looking forward to trying the sauna once it's been built. The roller skiing was fun, a bit wobbly to start with and Ross had a spectacular fall at the end. 


We went to Liseberg, a theme park in Gothenburg on Saturday and had a great day out, lots of fun and exciting rides! Helix and Balder were the favorites!