Surströmming part 2

And I'm sure everyone's really excited to hear what happened when the can was opened. Hannah, my niece was also game to try so she and Ross got a pan filled with water, the can, a can opener, a plate and a fork ready. The can was opened under water, and I've been told that it started fizzing and the water turned grey. This is when the smell started coming out and flees flocked to the open can. There was lot of screaming, laughing, gagging and running off to get air. Even at a distance I didn't escape the smell and had to go around the house in order to stop myself from being sick! In the end Hannah and Ross barely had a taste of it and my father had one piece I think. The rest of us were more than happy to stick to the barbecue and strawberries!
The film would probably be more telling of the experience than the photos but the video is a bit shaky since I couldn't stop myself from laughing most of the time.


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