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Taking tiles off the wall and taking a wall out

Since we had the day off today we decided to get on with the 612 renovation, despite the sunny weather, which made other activities very tempting!
Today we got the kitchen wall out, got the cabinets out of the hallway, all wallpaper that could be reached in the bathroom has now come out and I got all the tiles off the wall! Heavy tools and lots of protections being worn! Makes me feel slightly claustrophobic wearing, ear protectors, breathing mask and safety glasses. But considering how dirty we were when we left, I suppose it is all needed. Ross also started doing some channelling in the floor so good progress despite a late-ish start and a very good lunch outside at Jam bar with a carpaccio, parmesan and roquette ciabatta and italian gelato for dessert.

Renovation progress

Spent the afternoon in 612. Getting the wallpaper off in the bathroom went much smoother with a steamer and an electric tool with a sort of spatula thing at the end. (This is the limit of my technical tools knowledge!) Still a bit left to do though! We planned the placement of the electrical sockets and then Ross had the kitchen out.

Renovation project started

Since the weather wasn't ideal for a hike today I decided to start the renovation project in our new flat. We'll be moving back up to Val Claret in the fall, once all is finished. There's quite a bit to do though, in short we're changing all flooring, painting all walls, sanding all the wood, changing the bathroom (which includes removing the bidé), taking a wall down and replacing a kitchen.

On my list today was removing all of the owner's stuff that he can then either bin or put in storage. Moving all the furniture in to the bedroom, removing all objects from the walls and then start removing wall paper in the bathroom. It all went smoothly until I started removing the wallpaper. It's properly sticking to the wall and is really thick. It's like it's got this doublesided tape on the back and it is just taking ages to remove as I can't get anything but smaller pieces off. I'll have to see if Ross has a better method for moving forward with that.…

Starting to get back to normal

So, two good things so far on today's list of events. Firstly I got my laptop back from HP repair centre. They've changed the battery and the shell and updated the BIOS. So finger's crossed it'll be ok this time and the shell will stay in its place. So one thing back to normal. It's really nice having a laptop to work on stuff again. Our tv/entertainment laptop doesn't really cut it when it comes to photo editing, graphic design and just general text writing etc.

Second thing, I got my hair cut and some new darker highlights to try to match my natural (or normal if you so wish) hair color. I'm really happy with both the color and the cut so a big thank you to Anne Sofie. The picture doesn't really do it justice as my cell phone camera is a bit screwed up but anyway. So I'll be wearing a hat for the next ten days or so as well to not lose the color. And it's a good excuse to get the sun hat out =)

The afternoon was then spent at the Marmot arms w…

The sun is finally back

After almost 2 weeks of cold weather, rain and snow, the sun has finally decided to come back out again! Lets hope it's here to stay!

Weekend update

Had a great weekend with some good news. Feels like everything is coming back on track. First of all we decided on a car, it's having a bit of work before we're taking it, but it seems good and once Ross is back we'll deal with the Volvo. This is it!
In other news the phone problems should be sorted soon too. Changed my contract over to Joe mobile which means a lot of saving every month and then going to order a new phone online instead. Turned out cheaper that way. In other updates my laptop is still at HP being fixed, they're waiting for spare parts at the moment. So everything that's been broken is getting replaced or fixed and soon I can get back to normal and not have to worry about these sorts of things! 
Yesterday I also ran into Ali after work and got invited over for Sunday lunch with her and Pete, the kids and Lena which was really nice. Just having a relaxing afternoon was really good and it was nice to have a catch up. 


Had dinner at Couloir tonight with the Jhana team. We had a great time and really good food. Unfortunately no pictures as we were all way to hungry but the food both looked and tasted amazing.  I had pan fried seabass with asparagus, broccoli, herb crushed potatoes and a lemon hollandaise sauce as my main, and not to forget the bread with citrus butter that we had for the table. And for my dessert, a lemon curd Eton mess. To finish it off we had a digestif, as is the French custom, but since we were at Couloir I managed to swap my genepy for Fiskefjæs, much nicer! So if anyone is coming out to Tignes in the summer, you need to eat here and try the delicious summer menu. Yum!

Snow in July

Summer in Tignes can be a bit unpredictable to say the least, the past couple of days we've had snow! Big contrast to last week's sunshine ans 25 degrees!

First hike of the summer col du palet, col de la tourne

Lena, Roni and I went for a long hike today. We started by walking up to VC, then up to the col du palet, down to the refuge du palet where we had a some cheese and a drink and then continued around the back to get up to col de la tourne. From there we then headed down to palafour and back into Tignes le Lac. The weather was amazing and despite consistently putting on sunscreen throughout the day I have got a slight sunburn. The walk was so nice and the views and different types of rock as well as the turquoise lakes made for an amazing day out. The hashtag #weareallmadeofstardust and #likeagirl describes the conversation during the walk ;)