Starting to get back to normal

So, two good things so far on today's list of events. Firstly I got my laptop back from HP repair centre. They've changed the battery and the shell and updated the BIOS. So finger's crossed it'll be ok this time and the shell will stay in its place. So one thing back to normal. It's really nice having a laptop to work on stuff again. Our tv/entertainment laptop doesn't really cut it when it comes to photo editing, graphic design and just general text writing etc.

Second thing, I got my hair cut and some new darker highlights to try to match my natural (or normal if you so wish) hair color. I'm really happy with both the color and the cut so a big thank you to Anne Sofie. The picture doesn't really do it justice as my cell phone camera is a bit screwed up but anyway. So I'll be wearing a hat for the next ten days or so as well to not lose the color. And it's a good excuse to get the sun hat out =)

The afternoon was then spent at the Marmot arms where Nick from Startline Mountainbiking had a charity event for Alzheimer's research. Some of the guys had earlier biked the vertical height of Mount Everest or the Mt Blanc and then there was a bbq and a raffle. I won a hat in the raffle but not really mine or Ross' style so ended up giving it to a kid instead. Good fun and a good cause.


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