Weekend update

Had a great weekend with some good news. Feels like everything is coming back on track. First of all we decided on a car, it's having a bit of work before we're taking it, but it seems good and once Ross is back we'll deal with the Volvo. This is it!
In other news the phone problems should be sorted soon too. Changed my contract over to Joe mobile which means a lot of saving every month and then going to order a new phone online instead. Turned out cheaper that way. In other updates my laptop is still at HP being fixed, they're waiting for spare parts at the moment. So everything that's been broken is getting replaced or fixed and soon I can get back to normal and not have to worry about these sorts of things! 

Yesterday I also ran into Ali after work and got invited over for Sunday lunch with her and Pete, the kids and Lena which was really nice. Just having a relaxing afternoon was really good and it was nice to have a catch up. 


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