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Summer season is over

Summer season is now officially over and I had my last day at work yesterday and we went out to Couloir afterwards to celebrate! Today I just had a lazy day getting the flat all cleaned up and then putting together photo books for 2011 and 2012. I try to take advantage when all online photo and printing websites do deals, like around this time when people want to print out the photos from their summer holidays! As you can tell I'm a bit behind! But managed to get 2 books for a total of 10€! Maybe by this time next year I'll have caught up!

Covered in cement dust

Today on the building site we've been channeling the floor to prepare for some more cables going in. We also considered some alternative layouts to the kitchen. The owner is coming out at the end of next week so it sĥould all be decided then. Some pics below of cables put in and the channels. Still a lot to do but feels like we're moving forward this week. A lot of cleaning was required afterwards as well, cement dust everywhere!

In other news, I've only got one week left at the shop now before interseason starts and I'm looking forward to not working 7 days a week and get some time off before next winter. Although with the weather we've been having, it doesn't feel like it's far off.

Naan bread

I used the breadmaker to make Naan bread today and think they turned out decent. I'll probably experiment with some more spices next time though. This time I only added Nigella seeds which Ross had bought in the UK earlier on for this purpose.
Now I just need to cook the chicken and veg!

Kitchen planning and electricity

So the last couple of times we've been over to the flat we have finished up clearing stuff out and then we've planned the kitchen how we'd like it. Hopefully the owner will agree to it as is. The image below is more or less what it will look like in any case. In addition to that we've started pulling all the new electric cables which has made me realize how much Ross actually knows about this stuff! And now he's finally got his certificate to prove it. So we were putting in switch boxes, greasing cables, pulling cables through the ceiling and cutting channels all day yesterday. At least now we're putting things in again which is nice!

Clean up session

Today we were both quite tired but we decided to make the most of it and at least get all the rubbish out and clean the place up so that we're ready to get new stuff in soon. We got rid of all the carpet, wood, metal, old plasterboard and tiles and took it all down to the dechetterie (the tip). It'll be great once we can start getting things in instead of out, which should hopefully be fairly soon, I'm looking forward to building instead of destroying things!