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IKEA, painting and recovering seats

On Friday we went to Ikea to buy not one but two kitchens. This meant two rounds through since we couldn't get it all in one go and because they needed to be paid separately anyway. I don't think I ever enjoyed IKEA less, especially since I didn't even get the chance to visit the food store! After IKEA losing the fridge on the kitchen plan twice and all the packing we didn't leave Grenoble until about 22.30. Finding food on the way back proved even harder as Mickey D's doesn't let people walk through the McDrive, but after some feeble attempt at getting close, the guy in front of us let me hop in his car and we went around the drive once more and I was allowed to get us some stuff to eat!

The weekend then meant lots of unloading and then Ross finished off the channel chopping. I've put together some IKEA units, put a base layer of paint on the window frames and today I've recovered the seat cushions for the chairs.

Unloading materials

Lately we've been getting a lot of materials up to the flat in more or less conventional ways. We took what we could up the stairs or the lift and then the rest had to be lifted up on to the balcony. Getting the floor up turned into a night time activity! Me securing the planks down at the bottom and Ross and Ben using straps to pull it two floors up. And lots more coming with the IKEA kitchen, bathroom and much more soon to be brought up to Tignes.

More refurb updates

I'm at the point where I can see the end of the sanding now which feels great. Did the big table today and yesterday I finished the chairs and the sandblasting. Now I only need to give the rest a light sand so the the paint will take. Soon moving on to painting. Meaning no more breathing mask, goggles and ear defenders at the same time! Ben came to help out yesterday as well to put some more batons in the ceiling so that's finished and Ross and Phil put the door in on Sunday so it feels like we've made progress.

Work weekend

Ross has joined us on site for a three day work weekend and so far we've started putting batons and insulation on the walls. Today we're on for putting in a new door frame and the structure for a false ceiling. And then we're going to Italy for dinner!

Walk to the cascades

Had a lovely short walk today down to the waterfall, or cascade that is on the path down to the dam together with Hannah. I had the day off from building work so it was nice to make the most of it. Hopefully interseason will bring more days like this!

Tossing things off the balcony

Yesterday the three of us had a day in 612 doing renovation work. I spent the day sandblasting furniture which was how I imagined being in sandstorm would be like. And the sand got in everywhere!! Today Phil and I had a day together working while Ross was away doing normal work stuff. We took all the old wood off of the walls, pulled up the rest of the carpet and did some sanding. The rest of the time was spent clearing out old stuff. We tossed all the planks off the side of the balcony and decided to strap it together and collect it down at the bottom. Might have been overly optimistic when estimating how much wood there was to carry. We did manage in just one go though, but safe to say, it looked like a lot less spread out than when it was tied together and became the size of a tree trunk! Some of our rubbish by the bins got picked up by a local French person as well. Stuff by the poubelles mean free for all here, and it meant less stuff to load in the trailer for us! Feel like we&#…

Painting balconies

Today's task was to sand and paint a couple of balconies. Luckily it was a sunny day and it was quite enjoyable. Ross' dad arrived in the early evening and afterwards we all went for dinner at the escale.

Postal vote

Went to the post office today to send my vote off for the Swedish elections on the 14th.

Sanding furniture

So yesterday when Ross was working I decided to get on with the flat a bit and went to sand some furniture. Did 1,5 chairs and a little stool. It wasn't too bad since I could be out in the sun on the balcony and do it. The chairs are hard going though! So many edges and details and the paint that was on them is really hard to get off. Hoping it'll be worth it in the end though. And then I just need to recover the seats as well as they're coming apart..

Strawberry rhubarb pavlova

We were invited for dinner at James' and Lena's yesterday and I'd been asked to bring dessert. After some thought I decided to have a go at a strawberry and rhubarb pavlova. As far as I've understood a pavlova is a merengue cake with whipped cream and berries. So, I started out with the merengue thinking if that failed I could still always whip together a crumble pie. I couldn't find a recipe that was exactly what I was looking for so ended up combining a couple. Unfortunately no photo as the desser ended up being too big for the cake plate and I had to do it in an oven dish, meaning you couldn't see anything but the top! The following is my combo:

6 egg whites.
3 dl sugar.

Berry filling
300g rhubarbs, peeled and diced
250g strawberries, diced. (save some for decoration!)

3dl whipped cream

Separate eggs and make sure absolutely no egg yolk is mixed in with the whites. Mix at a high speed until you have a firm white froth. Then stir in t…