IKEA, painting and recovering seats

On Friday we went to Ikea to buy not one but two kitchens. This meant two rounds through since we couldn't get it all in one go and because they needed to be paid separately anyway. I don't think I ever enjoyed IKEA less, especially since I didn't even get the chance to visit the food store! After IKEA losing the fridge on the kitchen plan twice and all the packing we didn't leave Grenoble until about 22.30. Finding food on the way back proved even harder as Mickey D's doesn't let people walk through the McDrive, but after some feeble attempt at getting close, the guy in front of us let me hop in his car and we went around the drive once more and I was allowed to get us some stuff to eat!

The weekend then meant lots of unloading and then Ross finished off the channel chopping. I've put together some IKEA units, put a base layer of paint on the window frames and today I've recovered the seat cushions for the chairs.


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